Tour de Fleece 2011

I’m in! I tried to participate last year but since I’m still a rookie and had other obligations I couldn’t really put in the effort. But now I’m going for it and I’m actually going to watch the tour the help me keep my focus on my spinning. I’ve bought two spindles and some more fiber since last year so I guess I have enough yarn to keep me busy.

I’m also planning on giving my wheel a nice cleaning and polishing! I guess it’s really long overdue.. the poor thing hadn’t been used for years and then I came along and expected it to teach me how to spin. It worked alright but it creaks and makes a lot of noise while working on it so I’ll have to fix that before the tour starts.

I’m also planning on working with my spindles. You may remember this little spidle spun wip:

Well I’m starting to run out of yarn and I still need to do a lot of knitting so it might be a good idea to spend some time spindling the chocolate wensleydale again. Another project was the handspun tomten for the BF, which he’s supposed to be wearing this winter, so I’ll better get some spinning done on that as well since it’s going to be a 4ply yarn.

At any rate, I’ll need to do a lot of (hand) carding before the tour if I want to be able to get a lot of work done so I’d best get crackin’.

In the mean time I felt the need to stash some more fiber, because you know, I might run out in the middle of the tour… so I ordered 300 grams of superfine merino and 100 grams of tussah silk from wol-uniek. I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet but I was thinking of a laceweight simple sweater Β in a single color. Dyed after spinning in maybe a light pinkish color or maybe some nice deep yellow. I’m not sure yet but I was looking for something lightweight but comfortable so this might be it πŸ™‚

I also found another bag of brown alpaca while moving my stuff! I don’t mean ‘another’ but I had lost my bag of brown alpaca and now I found it again! I’m not too happy with the quality tho, since there’s a lot of thick rough hairs in there but I think I can make it work somehow!

I’m really super excited about TdF this year and I hope I can get a lot of spinning done!

FO: Jaywalkers

I love how these turned out! As a matter of fact: I’m wearing them right now and they’re keeping my feet toasty warm while it’s gray and wet outside.

I love the colors! I’de never thought I’d actually wear red and orange socks but I am and it’s actually lifting my spirits despite this dreary weather we’re having.

Despite the fact that socks are quick knits these took me a much longer time than I had expected them to. It was by no means the pattern or the yarn, but life got in the way when we had to pack everything and move to another city (yay!). The new house is amazing and so is the new city. I’ll miss the old city but thankfully it’s just a 40 min drive from where we live now, so we can always visit should we really want to.

Despite it being a longer project than expected I’m really pleased with the socks and I didn’t have trouble knitting the second sock either. Come to think of it, I haven’t had any real trouble knitting the second sock for a very long time… knitting socks has become more exciting I guess. Or maybe it’s because the second sock seems easier because the pattern is already memorized by the time I get to the second sock.. hmm

The stripey pattern started out the same on the second sock but then changes as I ran out of yarn and had to grab another ball.. I still like it tho πŸ˜€

I might have to start knitting another pair for the BF in blue (or another color) but I’m not going to cast on just yet. For now I’m excited about finishing the other wip’s so I can start some new projects!