Finishing up

Looking back at this year I feel I’ve managed to acomplish quite some stuff πŸ™‚ Knitting, and learning how to knit has been great, and it has helped me learn a lot about myself in the process of knitting. I’ve never been one to actually finish what I started, and now I’ve learned to be much more patient an willing to try again when something doesn’t go my way.

I’m referring to the sidewinder socks. I measured my foot, and I measured my gauge, but still I managed to knit a sock that won’t fit around my foot. I misread the pattern on nearly each step of the way (lol), but I still like the pattern enough to start over πŸ™‚ I’m not willing to face my temporary defeat by posting pictures of the narrow sock and my foot, and I’ll need to finish my current project first before the frogging starts, but I know I will finish it, and I know it’ll be my first finished object of 2011 πŸ™‚

When I realized I had messed up the sock I threw it aside and started something brainless πŸ™‚ The Noro Striped Scarf without the Noro πŸ˜› You might remember this post, where I explain about sinterklaas and the yarn he gave me πŸ™‚ So I had three balls of rainbow yarn and I didn’t know what to do with them. It was too thick for socks and I felt the colors were a bit too bold for something to wear. But when I saw the scarf I knew it was exactly what I needed.

striped scarf wip

It looks like stockinette and I love it πŸ™‚ So far it’s not curling at all and I actually like the pooling. It’s amazing because I started one ball at the end but I think the pooling is inevitable at some point, but I’m happy it’s with the purple and yellows/oranges because this softens the whole thing a bit. I’m working on two balls right now but I’m not sure how much yarn It’ll take. It’ll be a short scarf/neckwarmer/cowl thing so not a whole scarf.

striped scarf wip

When I’ve had a bit of a knitting break and have regained my sanity (for the most part) I’ll redo the sidewinders, because they’re awesome, and then I’ll make sure to finish the 2010 wip’s before I start new projects for 2011.

That might be my new ‘thing’. I don’t want projects to drag on for years and years.. if I don’t like it and I haven’t knit it for more than 6 months than it might just not work out.. I’m not really sure of this yet but for now it works for me πŸ™‚

I wish you all a happy new year and hope to see all your knitting in 2011!


WARNING! for knitting content scroll down πŸ™‚


A friend on facebook asked an open question to a lot of people about what happiness was to them. I had to think about that, because tho we all may say that happiness is A we actually do B in order to get there.. so we don’t get there.. For instance I say “having a good time with friends” but instead I work so much and forget to make time for my friends, because school and my career are more important to me than making time…?

Today I started thinking about what I’m thankful for, and to be honest this blog has helped me to be more aware of the days. I write down more, and this helps me to remember more.. I now can’t imagine what I used to do when I didn’t knit and/ or blog.. I guess I was bored a lot.. I started this blog to organize my hobbies, but in the end it turned out to help me organize my life and set priorties.

I stopped drawing altogether, not because I don’t like to draw, but because it was getting me depressed. I love drawing, and painting and I know I’ll do it more often once I have more free time, but I want to be able to enjoy the process as well.. instead of constantly having the feeling that I have to hurry up. And since I’m still a student and I sleep and wake up with my graduation project, I can’t free my mind enough to draw.. even tho my fingers are itching for it..

I think I’ll just let my creativity build up.. I know for a fact that once I’m done with school I’ll be able to draw again and the block will be gone. So I’ll just save myself the frustration and the grey hairs.

So back to happiness.. I don’t ever want to work under stress again. For as long as I remember I’ve been working under stress and now (that I’m getting older) I see how much I hate stress. I don’t like what it does to me, and I don’t like how it feels. So at some point I decided to stop having stress and it worked. I’m no longer stressed out. If it didn’t work out then it just didn’t work out. I used to be very ambitious and I used to plan ahead a lot, but at some point I felt that my priorities weren’t right..

Happiness for me is sitting in my living room with my BF playing Donkey Kong. It’s appreciating every moment and every day, and I have this blog to thank for that. Maybe no one will read this post, or maybe all the people who visit this blog only look at the knitting pictures/ links and don’t read the text.. maybe some people who visit my blog even really hate me and my blog πŸ˜› To all of you: I’m sorry you have to see disappointing rants sometimes, but I hope you can ignore them πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

As for me, these rants are the things that save me from myself.. I’m very good at getting myself stressed and losing sight of what really matters to me in life. I love my field of study and hope to have a career where I can do what I love, but my work is not more important than BF or family, so I will make time for them no matter what and how busy I am.

I remember during an internship a few years ago someone close to us had passed away and I wanted to attend his funeral, but when I mentioned this to my superviser he looked at me like I had asked for a week off with pay.. he told me I couldn’t do that when I worked somehwere… I obviously didn’t go to ‘work’ that day, but that’s not the point… what kind of jerk would say such a thing about someone’s funeral… it’s the last chance you get to pay respects… who gives a sh*t about work in such a situation?

but I guess that’s what I really am.. and I think it’s funny that now I’m starting to realize this..


kitty condo

So happiness right πŸ™‚ This here is happiness.. not just for me, but also for my kitties πŸ˜€ This here kitty condo is loved by both of them and they spend a lot of their time hanging out or sleeping on/ in it πŸ™‚

I spent these past two days chilling and knitting and I’m now working on de sidewinders: a perpenSOCKular pattern πŸ™‚ So far I’ve knit the first half of the first sock and I’m very curious to see if I got the size right. The kalajoki’s are a bit loose, so I get I knit them a bit too long. But since I can’t try these on I won’t know if they’ll fit me until I’ve finished one completely.. πŸ˜›

wip sidewinders

I like selfpatterning/ striping sockyarn.. this is cheap lidl yarn so I might want to buy more of these yarns πŸ˜€

wip: sidewinders

Now this brings me happiness πŸ™‚

I wish you all a happy christmas and hope you’ll all have a wonderfull time with friends and family πŸ™‚

FO: Ninja mask of awesomeness

ninja mask of awesomeness FO

Pattern: Ninja bike mask (of awesomeness)

Size: 2.5mm/ US1.5

Yarn: Β Finlandia Import Shetland

This blog is nearing its second birthday and it’s got me thinking. This here project is one of the coolest things I’ve ever knit and being able to knit this for my brother really means I’ve learned a great deal about knitting these past two years. At first I couldn’t even manage something simple like a scarf and now I’m churning out head-socks for my brother… wtf..

Anyways, I obviously don’t mean it in an arrogant way, but things like these make me really happy. When I started knitting I never imagined that it could actually bet his cool. I learned to knit as a kid because my mom used to knit, but I never actually imagined that knitting could be ‘cool’ or fashionable. But that was back then.. two years ago I had to learn everything on my own. I taught myself (w/ help from the interwebz) to knit continental style (which sped up my knitting with about 300% :P), and learned about sites like ravelry. I read a lot of blogs (I still do) and learned that knitting is much more fashionable than I ever believed it could be.

Now, when I go windowshopping all I see is knitted stuff (w/ the hugest of pricetags) and I get this smug look on my face… I can knit gorgeous stuff without paying 150 euros… πŸ˜›

Anyways, back to the mask πŸ˜€ I’ve already posted a bit about it, but now I’d like to say something else πŸ™‚

ninja mask of awesomeness FO

This is the nose area (please disregard the sugar jar) where the bridge of the nose would have to go. For people who don’t wear glasses this is perfectly fine, but if you wear glasses and you wear the mask like this it means you’re screwed… Your glasses will go foggy and you won’t be able to see.. it’s either seeing or breathing πŸ˜›

This thing made me think of surgical masks, so as a kind of a test before sewing the live stitches on the inside I held two ties and a metal wire near the nose area, and sewed them in. Now the metal wire helps shape the mask around the nose, underneath the glasses.

ninja mask of awesomeness FO

It looks a little like this. The metal wire isn’t all too strong but it holds everything in place either way.

ninja mask of awesomeness FO

I’m a huge fan of Finlandia Import. They have a huge amount of different types of yarn and since I live on the other side of the country it’s an important thing to note: they ship very very fast. So recently they introduced their own yarn, and I just had to try it out πŸ™‚ The label says the yarn still contains spinning oil and needs to be washed for a full and soft yarn/ fabric. The picture above shows the mask when I had just finished it. This turned out to be exactly true. When I received the balls of yarn I was a little bit worried because they weren’t really as soft as I had hoped. But when I read the label I was somewhat reassured.

The picture below shows the fabric after washing. It’s much softer and fluffier πŸ™‚ I think the yarn is really nice and the price is really good πŸ™‚

FO: ninja bike mask

I don’t think these pictures can actually show the difference, I think all knits look better after a nice washing, but those yarns area already washed and soft to begin with.

FO: ninja bike mask

Here’s a little sneaky picture of Shiwi πŸ™‚

FO: ninja bike mask

ninja masks in the snow

ninja mask of awesomeness wip

It’s almost done!! I srsly can’t wait! knitting this mask with 2.5mm needles was at some point burning a hole in my brain but somewhow I managed to get this far πŸ˜€ I messed up a lot while casting on and knitting the first few rounds but after that no messing up for me πŸ™‚ Once I restarted it for the 4th time it was good and all went well. I blame it on the uni and graduation year.. I can’t really think anymore so I make a lot of mistakes when working on other stuffs πŸ™

I’ve swatched and washed the swatch and it’s made me love the yarn even more. The yarn is Finlandia Import Shetland, and I’m a really big fan. It comes in many many pretty colors and tho the pictures won’t work with me, this particular color has some deep shades of purple that can only be seen from very very close. I’ll try to take some good daylight pictures for the FO post once we get there, but with the short days it’s a bit of a challenge to be honest…

ninja mask of awesomeness wip

I look kinda silly in these pictures but hey, I guess it’s not about my head but about the mask right? πŸ™‚ I’m planning on putting a wire of some sorts around the nose to help the masks shape around the nose a bit, and I’ll make some ties where the provisional cast on is right now. i hope this will help to minimize the sagging a bit πŸ™‚ I’m actually surprised at how well this thing fits me. The backside is bulging a bit because of my hair, but since my brother has longish hair as well so at least I know now that it’ll fit.


Besides knitting we spent this weekend baking pies and cake πŸ™‚ There’s nothing like a good choco cake when it’s snowy and cold outside πŸ™‚

Readers of this blog might know that we have two kitties, and they might also know that these kitties don’t go outside (except a bit on the balcony). Noodles loves snow and Kiwi is a bit of a chicken (and she hates snow). Noodles is a bit of a tomboy and Kiwi is a real lady.. so we felt sorry for them and wanted to let them play in the snow, but since three escape attempts by Noodles we’re not so happy about letting them out on the balcony.. So I got out the kitty leash and tried to take them outside… and the moment I let them down outside they made a run for it….

back into the house that is….

They were simply not having it… my little pretty kitties… scared sh*tless of the outside beyond their safe (warm and dry) home… Β Strangely enough Noodles can’t get enough of the snow on the balcony… her favorite thing to do is lying down or digging for treasure:P

noodles in the snow :)

noodles in the snow :)

noodles in the snow :)

FO: Leyburn socks

Leyburn socks FOBetter known as BF socks πŸ™‚

Pattern: Leyburn socks

Yarn: lidl sockyarn

size 2.5/2.75mm US1.5/2

I’m finally done with these socks.. the first one took me ages because I had to frog and reknit for about 4 or 5 times until I had it right, but once it was done and the size was good the second one knit up very quickly. I like the colors on these socks and think I might knit a plain sock just because of the nice colors. They’re a bit shorter than they should be, I did 9 pattern repeats because I thought they were long enough (and I wasn’t sure if they’d be too tight if I’d make them longer πŸ™‚

Leyburn sock FO

A hot manleg + sock is what I need on a sunday πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

Leyburn socks FO

In the end, tho it took me a long while to get here, I’m happy I knit these socks with the colored yarn instead of the white yarn. Tho it’s not very clear on the pictures the lattice stitch is very clearly visible and gives the sock an extra dimension. Maybe another plain color would’ve been nice, but the white just didn’t work out for me.

Leyburn socks FO

This is the second sock I’ve knit for my BF and I hope to knit a lot more in 2011! I’m starting to understand the difference between his feet and mine (in size) which means I can knit much easier when he’s not around. At first I constantly had to ask him to wear them to see how they would fit, but now I can measure them up by putting them on myself and seeing how they fit for me and I’ll know how they should fit for him πŸ™‚ Anyways, I still have a lot of yarn and the weather isn’t warming up any time soon so I can get away with another few pairs of socks πŸ™‚

Leyburn sock in progress

Leyburn sock for BF

Honestly, I believe the color adds a whole new level of prettiness in this sock πŸ˜›

Remember this one? And I don’t mean the fat pidgeon.. I cast-on for the Leyburn sock with some white lidl sockyarn a while ago, and it was another attempt at toe-up sock knitting. I mean it’s not all that bad.. This one was actually quite good, and this one was even better. But that was pretty much it… this one, when the heel was turned too early, or this one with the same problem that somehow disappeared from the blogisphere.. or this one, which turned out so tight around the ankles I couldn’t get them off anymore.. πŸ˜› And last but not least the practice sock where the misery started (the heel turned too quickly and too few stitches… πŸ˜›

I suck at knitting socks toe-up… however the two attempts at cuff-down sock knitting were botch a great success πŸ˜€ (here and here)

I think the universe has made its point clear, and in hopes to maintain my sanity I will steer clear from toe-up socks, translating them to cuff-down socks whenever I can. Like with this particular sock.

Leyburn sock for BF

This yarn too, is from the lidl and I love the colors. Obviously, as a student, I don’t have the financial means to buy good quality yarn and the yarn I used for the Francie socks I finished only 1.5 month ago is pilling like a biatch… which is the same as this yarn… and the white yarn.. and the blue yarn I used for my Kalajoki socks…..

So in a way I’m seeing these socks as practice socks.. all of them.. because by the time I’ll be able to afford good quality sockyarn I’m used to knitting socks from the top of my head and my hands will fly (or at least I hope… :P)

Leyburn sock for BF

I noticed that the change in size between my feet and my BF’s feet is just the difference between socks knit with a 2.5mm needle or 2.75mm. I cast on 60 stitches with a 2.5mm needle for a 1×1 ribbed cuff because the Francie socks are sagging a lot (which BF doesn’t mind but still). Then I switched to the larger needles for the rest of the sock. The full notes (if anyone is interested) can be found on my projects page.

Leyburn sock for BF

The ‘hardest’ part was the leg part with the all round lattice stitch. This part took the longest amount of time. From the heel flap to toe it only took me about two episodes of The Tudors πŸ˜› I’m hoping to finish the other one soon!

Another FO fest.. Wabbit Season & Haruni

Well.. I don’t know if two FO’s count as a fest but since I’m in a happy mood I’ll just call it a fest πŸ™‚

FO: Wabbit season

Pattern : Β  Β  Β Wabbit Season
Needle size: US9/ 5.5 mm
Yarn: Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Phildar Partner 6

Wabbit Season is done! πŸ™‚ It’s been my favorite thing in the whole knitting world since it dried up and I’m not sure I’ll ever take it off πŸ˜€ I think it’s the cutest thing ever and I ever knit πŸ™‚

I tried to take some pictures but obviously it took me a great number of tries.. Here’s a few of the tries πŸ™‚

FO: Wabbit season

The first one was a bit blurry but this one wasn’t all that bad πŸ™‚

FO: Wabbit season

This one was made with a bit of help from my mom. Notice the Kalajoki socks in this picture πŸ™‚

FO: Wabbit season

There’s no buttons yet because I couldn’t find some nice one’s that fit. But I’ll go look for some pretty ones soon πŸ™‚

Besides this little hat I finally managed to finish my Haruni!

FO: Haruni

Pattern: Haruni
Needle size: US4/ 3.5mm
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr Bottlegreen

It’s funny how I love the finished product but really hated knitting it.. The ending was very pretty but the main part was really tedious.

FO: Haruni

It’s amazing how lace opens up with blocking.. I only added beads on the final set of leaves and a few on the part before. I’m not such a big fan of beads because they tend to make this a bit too heavy, and they’re also cold on your skin at first… πŸ˜›

FO: Haruni

ahh even as yarnvomit this one looks cute πŸ™‚

poow wittle wabbit..

In NL we celebrate Christmas like many other countries, but before we hang our Christmas decorations and all, we celebrate the birthday of Sinterklaas. Where, for instance, in Germany all things related to Christmas begin much earlier, we are all waiting for December 5th to be done with. If you read about it the history it’s rather interesting πŸ™‚

Anyway, long story short, we’re no kids so we don’t place our shoes anymore (hehe) but we do give eachother presents with my in-laws. We draw straws to see who we have and then we go get them a present and also write a (funny) poem about it.

This year Sinterklaas gave me the coolest yarn ever!

Wabbit season

I love the softness and the colors πŸ˜€ (and yes I’m already knitting it).

So I think at some point, before the whole Sinterklaas thing, I was thinking to myself I should stop casting on for new projects and should finish some older projects. And then these pretty baby’s hit me.. ooowww I’m so weakk…. πŸ˜› I HAD to knit (a hat!).

Because of the cold I feel the need to knit me some hats and other stuff to keep myself warm. I’ve never been a hat person, mainly because I always thought hats looked bad on me, but the warmth is growing on me πŸ˜› Really, there’s nothing like a warm head/ set of ears when it’s cold outside and it’s chilly and windy and downright unpleasant. So while looking around on ravelry I found one of the most awesome patterns I’ve ever seen.

Btw, it’s got the most awesome name as well: Wabbit Season.

I wanted to knit this one for a while and then I just somehow forgot about it.. maybe real life had something to do with it.. Anyhoo when I saw (and felt) this yarn I immediately had a flashback to this little pattern and the minute I had some free time I cast on. Now I’m sure I can forgive myself for bumping some smaller knits up on the queue list for a little happytime when it’s cold πŸ™‚

Wabbit season

The colors are so vibrant they almost glow! I must admit that it’s not a color I would’ve bought myself, but that’s what makes it so awesome! I can totally imagine me wearing the wabbit hat in this color in combination with my white coat πŸ˜€ I hope I have enough left to make me a set of mittens as well, but I think I’ll have to buy another ball myself πŸ™‚

So while dreaming about the warmth and the combinations I merrily knit on until I woke up to realize I was using the wrong needle size. I just had a close call with the sloucher hat that turned out to be a little less slouchy than I had hoped.. so I wasn’t going to risk anything. Not with this yarn…

To the frogpond we went but since I had only just started it wasn’t all that bad (besides it’s a hat.. not an oversized sweaterdress right?).

Wabbit season

By now I’m almost done with the increase part and can almost start on the stockinette part. I’m really excited for this one to be finished πŸ˜€


I’m not sure what to do with these pretty baby’s just yet. I was thinking in the line of rainbow socks (or stockings) but I’m not sure yet. I might have to searchΒ some more on rav and other sites to see what comes up πŸ™‚

Ninja masks of awesomeness

shiwi's ninja mask of awesomeness wip

Holy shit! It’s abnormally cold here, and remembering the times I had to bike to school I felt really bad for my poor brother Shiwi. I wanted to knit him something but I was kinda scared he’d hate it. He’s a boy, and most boys think knitting is stupid (at least that’s what I think). So I went looking for something and then I found this awesomesauce biking mask of ninjaness! So since it’s my blog and I pay for it I think I can say whatever I want: HOLY SHIT THIS MASK IS TOTAL AWESOMENESS!! It appeals to my geekside and it appeals to my brothers kung-fu practicing, everything remotely connected to Japan side (ninja… get it?). When I told him there was a mask called ‘ninja mask (of awesomeness)’ he said he wanted it.. before he even knew what it was.

See, he knows that I’m a geektastic, gaming, nerdloving kind of girl, but his vision of KNITTERS is his mom. Which, in the teenage boy’s mind is synonimous to: HELL NO!! So I was actually surprised he’d want me to knit something for him πŸ™‚

And so far here it is πŸ˜€

shiwi's ninja mask of awesomeness wip

It doesn’t look very far yet, but this is an illusion. See I’ve knit, ripped and repeated the process for well over 4 times. It’s not the (under construction) pattern at all you know, it’s just me. I’m knitting this thing for my brothers headsize, but I’m trying it out on myself.. Now I know that 16 year old boys are still growing and that he might need a slightly bigger size (which is why I’m testing it on myself and the BF) so he’ll be able to grow into it a bit as well. So the math and the pattern are all good, but for some reason I ended up with a much larger thing than even my own calculations… I still don’t understand how this all happened, but I do know that it sucked and I was knitting this at night while watching The Tudors and I was really messing things up badly…

So the next day I just took out my 2.5mm needles, cast on 130 and went with it, and guess what, it fits perfectly.. wtf right? Just random luckiness or did the knitting gods feel sorry for me? Who knows, I guess even the universe decided to give me a break.. or not?

HA! no the universe didn’t… the universe is like this, it gives you a little bit.. watches you smile and waits untill you get the warm fuzzy feeling of being safe and then swipes the carpet out from under you, causing you to fall flat on your nose… bahhh.. universe… why…

So let me explain… The other day I was doing some groceries and I wanted to go home when I saw this guy sitting in the freezing cold playing tunes on his guitar for some money. Now this might make me a horrible person but I’m a student (w/ studentloans and all) and I’m trying to make ends meet each month as well as the next person so I don’t have much to give anyway. Also I’ve had some very negtive experiences with giving money to people so at some point I decided not to do it anymore. But I did feel very sad for the guy as he was smiling and playing his guitar, so I decided to buy the guy a coffee. So I buy him a coffe and he thanks me a lot and smiles and so I smile and walk away with the feeling that I may not have given him money because of my own principals, but I have been able to help in another way.

So far it’s the fuzzy safe feeling right?

I lost my car key that same day… wait for it….. IN MY OWN HOUSE….. WTF… πŸ˜› the universe hates me for not giving that man money? The universe hates me for catching a lucky Β break while casting on randomly? WTF dudes.. why? πŸ˜›

I spent two whole days cleaning everything in the house and I still can’t find it… so the most likely scenario is that it fell into the trashcan (which at the time was located right under my key hanging place)… Β I know I know.. in this house stupidity is punished quite severely.. because obviously I didn’t have a spare key with a chip……… kill me now πŸ˜›

Anyway, all is well now.. it cost me a small fortune but we’re not talking about that anymore.. but seriously.. is it the knitting or guitar man? Or do you suppose I did something else? Or am I just stupid?

leyburn socks wip

Last but not least I’d like to come back to the Leyburn socks. I knit them in white but, like I expected, a toe-up sock doesn’t work for me that well. I also didn’t really like the white because it’s a bit too bland for a pattern such as this one πŸ™‚ The other problem with it was that the gauge was too small and the sock turned out to be my size because of the non-stretchiness of the pattern. I actually bought me some 2.75mm needles so I could knit them in BF size πŸ˜›