FO: Girasole

Girasole FO

I do love the magical process of blocking. How a crumpled and sad little heap of yarn can become a thin layer of holes and linked chains. This is especially true with laceweight yarn I guess, but just look at the shininess of the yarn… I love silk… I love this yarn… 😀

Girasole FO

Funny story, I ran out of yarn on the last repeats of the edging two nights before the deadline and naturally I was freaking out. I’ve been planning and knitting for a good two weeks and now the yarn runs out on me right before the finish… what the hell Murphy… So at first I decided I could find a local shop that sells JaggerSpun.. (If you know a good Den Haag – Utrecht – Rotterdam area yarn shop that sells Jaggerspun TELL ME!… I haven’t found any). So then I calculated how far it would be to drive to Groningen… after a little while (and time and gas price calculation) I decided I was crazy and there was no way I was going to drive that long for 10m of yarn.

Girasole FO

So I did the only thing I could do, either find a replacement or rip back the edging and redo it with a 3.0mm instead of a 4.0mm. The replacement wasn’t going to work because of the pretty yarn mix, so I decided to rip back and redo the edging. I must say the 3.0mm edging looked much better since the 4.0mm became too loose and stretchy.

Girasole FO

It would’ve been the perfect solution if it hadn’t been for one thing.. I wasn’t missing 10m, I was missing a lot more… So instead of running out of yarn the last 30repeats before the finish, I ran out with 10 repeats to go. So there’s actually still a part that has not been knit…….. the shame…. you can actually see this part on the picture above (the edging on the left down is straight). It’s not superhorrible because you never wear this shawl without folding it anyway, but I’m really really mad at myself and the situation for this to be even happening, since I usually order more yarn than I actually need and I didn’t do it this time.. 😛

Girasole FO

This is a picture of my mother-in-law still liking me even though I gave her an unfinished birthday present 🙂 *yay* And even though I’m forgiven, I’m still planning to finish the edging part of her shawl soon so that I can have peace with myself haha 🙂

Happy birthday Evelyn 😉

hurry hurry hurry…

Girasole wip

due to unforseen changes in my deadline I’ve been forced to put all other projects on hold to finish my Girasole. I have untill friday since it has to be wrapped and presented on this saturday as a birthday present. I can’t say for who it is yet as they might stumble upon my humble blog and accidentally find out…. and we wouldn’t want that 😉

I actually thought, when starting this project, that I had untill somewhere in april, so I had planned some nice and peacefull knitting evenings for myself, but a few days ago I realized there had been a slight misunderstanding and there went my two weeks of peacefull knitting… 😛 fortunately both the yarn and the pattern have proven to be fantastic great and I can’t say I’m getting tired or anything.

Girasole wip

So as much as I’d like to show you some other stuff.. there hasn’t been any so there’s nothing to show. The other knits have just been shoved aside for this week 🙂 So since there’s not much to talk about lets show you some pictures 🙂

Girasole wip

I really love the way it’s turning out and how the yarn changes in the sunlight, without the sun it looks a bit orange and soft but when the sun shines it looks quite glamorous imo 🙂

Girasole wip

Girasole wip

That’s the same picture with and without direct sunlight.

Girasole wip

I started the second ball yesterday and I hope this one goes faster than the first 🙂


I haven’t been posting much for a while because I’ve had some new toy to play with 🙂

I haz a carrrr!!

I’ll have a picture next time but I just couldn’t keep it quiet 😀 It’s still extremely dirty and it doesn’t have a radio yet but when it’s cleaned up I’ll post some pics 😀

Back to business: in the previous posts I already mentioned me knitting the deep v argyle vest with acrylic yarns anyway just to practice fair isle knitting in a cheap way. The acrylics yarn I’m using for this project is not even half that bad and it feels nice against my hands so I think I did make a right choice there. The only problem is the steeks and the cutting. I’m crocheting the steeks (really tight) with drops alpaca and I’m hoping on the super felting ability to work in my favor and hold the stitches anyway. I’m curious to see how they hold up, so far it’s fine, but if I see anything loose I’ll go grab the sewing machine. I think it should be ok tho.

Deep V argyle vest wip

So far I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out and hope it will survive the steek-cutting and the first wash…

Deep V argyle vest wip

Here you see the crochet and cut steek. This is the first time I’ve ever knit something with steeks and if it’s a success it’s definately something I’ll use more often 🙂

girasole wip

The day before yesterday I had to spend a few hours waiting for my dad in the hospital (nothing serious just a simple procedure) and obviously it all took a whole lot longer than we thought it would so I spent the whole day kntting in the restaurant accompanied with my ipod. While watching groups of elderly people come in and talk about new hips and new knees, I finished the deep v vest and started on the Girasole.

JaggerSpun Zephyr 2/18 is I think the softest yarn I have felt yet. It’s nice and soft but also warm at the same time, I can’t wait to finish this one 😀 It also inspires me to finish the print o the wave stole, which turned out, is MUCH lighter yarn than the JaggerSpun. I bought it thinking it was laceweight but now I know for sure that it’s much much less than laceweight…. so yea.. I learned something w00h00 🙂

girasole wip

Even as a crumpled heap of knitted yarn this stuff looks good. The soft shininess of the silk… ahhhh

girasole wip

Out of pure fear of not having enough yarn to finish I didn’t swatch and I didn’t wash to see how the yarn reacts while blocking, so there’s again a very nice surprise 🙂 I’ll show some more as soon as I have some 🙂

the good and the bad..


I don’t have sun in the winter because of the big appartment block in front of my house, but throughout the rest of the year it’s supersunny and a great way to enjoy the reading that has to be done for the final thesis. So this here is how I study 🙂 ahhh this is the student life I tell you..

So as the title implies there’s good news and bad news, and since I’m in a very happy kind of mood I’ll start with the good 🙂

Deep V argyle vest wip

Remember the  Deep V argyle vest by Eunny Jang? It seems to be growing and the more it grows the more I’m liking it 🙂 Obviously it’s quite typical to start something like this when the crazy winter is about to end and spring is showing its face 🙂

-while writing this post my lazy 7 mo. kitty Kiwi managed to fall of the windowsill while sleeping.. walked for a foot and then went to sleep again.. I lol’d-

Back to the vest: I usually adapt a pattern to my own size, even if there’s a given size, mainly just to check so I won’t have to rip back my shirt in order to get it right after a week of knitting :p But with this one the size was actually quite correct for me so there was no need to mess with the calculations (for which I am very grateful). So this has turned out to be one of the easiest knits since I started knitting in the first palce. Now I’m sure the difficult part will definately come up when I reach the steeks but so far so good right? 🙂

Deep V argyle vest wip

Another little update on the Hemlock ring blanket by Jared Flood. I really love the pattern and it makes the yarn look good as well.

Hemlock ring blanket wtf

There’s just one little problem.. while knitting the 55th row of the pattern repeat I noticed one of the repeats took me way more time than the others. I knit this pattern while reading and feel my way up to the stitchmarkers but this one seemed to take forever so I thought I had missed one, but when calculating I realized this one was just huge..

Hemlock ring blanket wtf

what the hell?! I started counting all of the yo’s in each of the good ones and found out I had made some errors during the row with the 16 YO’s.. but this mutant part had mistakes from the row with 12 yo’s. In fact, I had skipped the row with 14 yo’s and moved to 16 and then directly to 18 yo’s… WHYYYYY?!?!?!

so yea.. I frogged the whole piece back to the second row of 16 yo’s and decreased 3 stitches in the mutant freak of nature part… Though I’m really bummed about having to rip this far back I’m happy because this might mean I have 2 extra rounds to go with the yarn I’ve spared 😀 w00t!


malabrigo terracotta & botticelli red

It’s a very bad picture but this is me testing the colorcombination of Malabrigo terracotta and botticelli red 🙂

I can’t brain today….

I have the stupid…… or I AM stupid.. I don’t really know.. Let me explain what happened.

In Octobre 2009 I bought a few balls of Cortina Sock wool from the Lidl. I went on and knit Rosalie with it and rechecked the part where it said the yarn was machine washable…. So I put the knit in the washing machine on 30 and ‘hand wash mode’… it came out like this:



beside the fact that I’m incredibly annoyed about this I must admit the yarn felted wonderfully! It didn’t stick and the shape is exactly the way it was supposed the look.. only half the size it used to be…. 😐 Obviously I can’t wear this anymore but I have been thinking about knitting the french press felted slippers with this yarn now, and use the alpaca for something else :O

So while I was working on the Corona I realized it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind and with Rosalie out of the picture like this I was intruiged to try another design of my own.. I do have some ideas but I’d like to think them through before actually posting it yet 🙂 But I did order me a nice hank of Malabrigo Sock in Botticelli Red via HolyWoly. I received the hank like this and this just shows me how much love and care there is for yarn over there @ HolyWoly! Thanks again! 🙂



The color is just amazing, it’s exactly what I was hoping it would be!

Meanwhile after thinking it through for what feels like forever I finally started on the Deep V argyle vest by Eunny Jang. I really like the vest since it’s a timeless classic and can be worn allmost everyday here in the Netherlands, but the fair isle scared me off.. I’ve had some encounters with two colored knitting and have failed miserably to such an extend that I had promised myself to never touch it again… especially after the felting FAIL with the french press felted slippers I was too scared to really try it out…

The call proved to be too strong and I decided to try it out anyway, but not with superpretty expesive yarn since this would still be an experiment.. so I went to buy a few skeins of Wibra Saskia in brown and beige. The yarn is nice enough for acrylic yarn but it’s very cheap so even if I would fail miserably it would still not really matter and would only count as an experiment.. a learning experience instead of a horrible waste of lucious yarn.

Deep V argyle vest wip

The picture above shows the colors much better than the picture below where the contrast is too high. After three swatches (one of them in the round) I think I’m finally starting to ‘get’ how this works 🙂

Deep V argyle vest wip

This is what works for me: I hold both yarns in my left hand and while knitting one color I let the other color feed along, and during knitting I make sure the stitches on my right hand needle are stretched (not too much). The first round seemed a bit loose but I noticed this was due to the shape of the ribbing and not because it was actually too loose. While knitting some stitches seemed loose as well but when I stretched the fabric a bit it would look just fine 🙂

back to the future… again…

yeaaahhhh it’s meeee recycling post titlesss 🙂

ok I let out the crazy, I can talk again. I realized with a shock that I still haven’t finished the print o’ the wave stole since I started it in april 2009… Now I know I’m a procrastinator when it comes to this particular project but it’s not deserved.. The pretty pattern and the lucious yarn haven’t done anything to give me the right of hating them so much… so lets’ not 🙂

Though I’ve gotten tired of working on it at times I still have a lot of love for this project. It’s my first lace project ever and as always I started it way too soon. I’ve already explained this a few times but there’s something that won’t allow me to take things one step at a time. It teaches me a lot and it keeps me interrested but at times it’s frustrating and it can be tiresome as well. I might’ve enjoyed the knitting part much more if I had started this project today or last week, but at least now I know how to appreciate the project, and since it’s not done yet I’ll go on and enjoy the process while I can 🙂

I thought that by now I would’ve been so tired of fine laceweight knitting that I would never bother again, but if anything it has inspired me to go on and start another lace project 🙂 obviously now I understand a LOT more about lace knitting than I did in the beginning, so it won’t be such a difficult process, or so I hope.


I think partly the renewed love is caused by a near death experience this shawl nearly had.. I had a bottle of orange juice in my bag, but I had completely forgotten about it when I put the bag on the kitchen table… Normally it’s no problem since there’s not much that can happen in one day… you’d think. Our kitchen is south-oriented and there’s a big flat in front of our house, so even though we’re on the third floor we don’t have direct sunlight in the middle of winter. But I forgot that the middle of winter has passed and it’s almost spring.. and by now we have a LOT of sunshine in the kitchen…. and it tends to get hot since there’s a lot of windows and a lot of sun… and the orange juice…. :'(

So I come home from uni and smell orange juice… it had spilled all over the stole and it had killed my 3.5mm nova metal knitpro needles…… ARGHH…

I tried knitting with it, but I gave up quite quickly since there was no use.. I still had some 3.5mm dpn’s with blunt tips lying around but even they knit much better than the mangled needle with the supersharp tip…. Anyways, I tried to take a picture of me knitting, since I see all those nice knitblogs have nice ‘see-me-knitting’ pics… I need a tripod… otherwise it’s not going to work :P… anyways two tries 😛

I like the second picture better, it looks more natural 🙂