nice surprises and such

Hemlock Ring wipI love it when a flowing pattern and variegated yarn come together 🙂 Or I imagine Hannibal saysing something like this if he were to knit.. muhaha 🙂 Like in the previous post the Hemlock Ring blanket is growing like a charm and I’m working on the 31st row of the chart. I’m currently working on my second ball and I just realized I have 6 balls instead of the 4 I thought I had… zomg.

That’s quite a nice surprise since I was afraid I might not have enough yarn for a ‘real’ blanket and would end up with a very small excuse of a doily knit with too thick yarn… 😛 But my worrying days are over I guess 😀

I do have some bad news tho.. my poor little camera appears to be dying. A few days ago I noticed the super high quality wasn’t working anymore, this is a 7.1 mpixel camera so super high quality is still quite high.. but it no longer works… Also the pictures are becoming grainier… Thankfully it’s still working well enough for the nearby shots turning this shot…

Hemlock Ring wip

into this shot without too much difficulties, but I’m afraid anyway…… 😐

Hemlock Ring wip

Hemlock ring blanket

Hemlock ring blanket

psssttt.. check it out! It’s my Hemlock Ring Blanket from Brooklyn Tweed. I fell in love with the pattern when I saw it but I was too freaked out by it. The original version is so awesome I was a little intimidated. I thought that it might be something that would only be nice with thin yarn and small needles.. I’m knitting this one with Schachenmayr nomotta Livello I stashed a while ago. I’m so happy this is being knit with a US10/ 6.0mm needle, it’s turning out to be a rather quick and easy knit, tho it’s almost spring there’s always the need for a nice and warm blankie to crawl under for the cocooning days 😀

Hemlock ring blanket

The yarn is nice warm and fluffy and is exactly what you would expect of a little blanket to be. I’m starting to appreciate certain types of acrylic yarns, especially after Rosalie. I’ve worn it a few times and I must say that tho it’s a very comfortable thing to wear it is at times a bit scratchy, so a shirt underneath is definately a must. It’s half wool and half acrylic so that might be the reason, but I don’t mind wearing something underneath anyway. I don’t want to spend too much on pretty yarn, but on the other hand it is worthwhile to spend a bit more since you’re spending so much time on a knit anyway. Acrylic cheap yarn can be nice too 😀

PS. Here’s a small bit of information for the people (if any lol) who like this blog. The url to this blog will change from /blog to /knits since the art section is split from the knitting section there are now two separate blogs. The doodles blog is still a bit glitchy I know, I’m working on it, but I’m not quite there yet :P. From the end of next week the url will change 🙂

Space Invaders…

another theme that won’t leave me alone. Maybe there’s nothing that sais “I made this myself” better than a space invaders knit pattern…. maybe it’s the simplicty.. or the nostalgia.. I don’t know.. but for some reason I feel the need to knit a space invaders shirt…. I just get the strange feeling camden is going to be it… I already said I didn’t like the bobbles.. but I also tried out some other patterns…..


What I don’t like is the way I’m superstandard in my geekiness… I’m definately not the first and I’ll definately not be the last.. but I knit these things to be originalll… whyyy whyyy do I choose space invaders? Maybe if I knit a space invaders thing I’ll get over it and I won’t feel the need to keep knitting them…?

I tried to make something interesting… something with a little bit of structure.. but the thing is that if I block the test knit it’ll probably look great, but once you start wearing a shirt it’s not going to look the way it did when first blocked… So I didn’t block the testswatch… i let it dry just to see how well the structure would be visible… which is basically not at all…. 😛 it just looks messy..


All three of them are the same Space Invader… only the top one is knit with dark brown sockyarn, as a contrast to the Malabrigo.. the swatch is knit with a 2.0mm needle and the thing itself is knit with 2.5mm so it might come out a wee bit bigger, which is acceptable. The only thing I’m afraid of is my two color knitting ability… I suck at it.. I’ve proven it… but now I’m really going to have to pay attention to it.. 😛 It worked out just fine in this part so I might be able to pull it off anyway.. 😀

A new beginning

sometimes we start doing things that will take a while to finish, and while we’re working on these things we’ll change. Our opinions about those things and maybe even ourselves will have changed, and we’ll see things from a new perspective and find we’re not interested in that thing anymore.

So me and Arisaig are done professionally..

When I started the project I absolutely loved it, and when I was ordering 3 hanks of Malabrigo I was still loving it. Even when I knit the whole thing with old straight needles with rounded tips I was still loving it. But the more and more time went by the less enthusiastic I became about the knit. I felt it was something I would’ve worn last year but this year my opinion has changed and I’m interested in other things.

But that’s not how it ends… so the pattern went out the window but the three gorgeous hanks of malabrigo will most certainly NOT 🙂 They will be turned into an adapted version of Camden. The bobbles will be left out and there will be a very small hint of something else. I’m not sure about how I want to do it yet but it’ll work out 🙂


I’m using a 2,5mm needle for this since I noticed Rosalie was a bit see-through at some point. For now I’m loving the curling in the neck area 😀Camden


FO: Rosalie

FO: Rosalie

Pattern: Rosalie
Yarn: some unnamed sockyarn from the lidl
Needles: 3mm

I’m so happy it’s finally done! This is my new fave shirt! It took a very long while to finish this one because I’ve been rethinking the sleeves for maybe 4 or 5 times. Each time I knit it and then frogged it again and again and again. Until in the end I decided short was the way to go and to be honest I really haven’t looked back 😀 The name Rosalie is inspired by Twilight.. lol

Here’s some more pix 😉

FO: RosalieFO: RosalieFO: Rosalie


or at least that’s how I’m picturing this image.. I’m very sorry for the lack of updates but you see there’s things in life you can’t work your way around.. sometimes Real Life catches up with you and demands you to get your priorities in check..

Anyways, I used to really like drawing on my wacom tablet a lot but I can’t seem to draw when I’m under a lot of stress.. I need to be able to relax so finally after a long while I made a sketch I actually really like 🙂 It’s not a finished piece, it’s just something I’ve worked on for a half an hour but I’m trying to make more and more of these simple sketches. She’s supposed to be an angel but the wings aren’t there yet hahaha

concept sketch angel

This years blogging will be about finding the perfect balance between work life and hobby. I know I started out with a story about how I wanted to have a drawing each week and then I didn’t post for a whole month haha.. I wasn’t running away from the drawing as I’ve already explained, and getting my RL shit together was a good move since I’ve emptied my worries from my head and can focus on the finer things in life again 🙂

Anyways, in the past two months I tried to cut on coffee.. failed miserably and then The Man gave me a Nespresso as an early Valentines gift 😀

Afbeelding 12

So instead I embraced my love for caffeine and started enjoying life more than I had in a while haha (yay for nespresso).

So updates on works…. I’ve decided to finally get the Print o the wave and the Arisaig done before I start on something else.. first in line is the unnamed which will be getting a name real soon. I decided to make it with short sleeves in the end since the long big poofy sleeves were bugging me. They did turn out the way I had planned but they just sucked 😛

short post but I’ll be updating more regularly again 😉