FO: Tree of Light

FO: Tree of Light

Pattern: Tree of Light
Yarn: JES Collection Schurwolle
Size: 4.0mm/ US6

It’s time for productivity and this means a new FO post! I completely fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it and finally knew what I had to do with the 5 skeins of brown sockyarn I had stashed a while ago. I made the snawl shorter than in the original pattern because I want to wear it as a scarf more than use it as a wrap. I’m very satisfied with the result and I’m planning to make another one with golden or yellow beads in the leaves.

FO: Tree of Light

FO: Tree of Light

Meanwhile I’m working on a secret project I found searching the interwebz 😀 It’s a crochet pikachu ski mask 😀

crochet pikachu skimask

guess who’s back :)

It’s been such a long time I think I forgot what I used to do here 🙁 Though my blogging life was paused for nearly a month the real life continued and lots of things have happened in these few weeks. The most important one was January 21st, my first-ever and first-missed bloggiversary (lol). So these past few days and weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about myself, the blog and what it’s turned out to be, and even, what it might become in the coming years.

For as long as I remember I’ve had trouble organizing my hobbies, and never actually saw them as hobbies since it had no goal or purpose on its own. I loved to draw and make up stories but I couldn’t actually draw what I saw in my head so I gradually lost interest. Now I’m older I’ve somehow managed to grow some patience and its getting better already.

One of the best new changes is that I’ll be getting a new studio 🙂 It’s a very small room, which is currently used as, since we don’t have one, a basement or attic. It used to be a room at some point but it’s upstairs and it’s a bit stupid to use the room when the house is empty, but for sewing it’s fantastic! The thing about sewing is that it creates a lot of temporary mess. While working on something there’s always the stuff you need like the sewing machine, the iron, the fabric and all the stuff around it. It just needs a lot of space and I noticed that the moment I put everything away it takes a lot of mental butt-kicking to get me to start sewing again. Aahh I totally can’t wait for it to be done 😀 It’s also a great place to store yarnstuff since the house is now nearly bursting with yarn and BF is not happy hihi.

So yea, back to knitting, what happened right? After the felting fiasco I was totally bummed out, you see the day before I started knitting them I also saw a changed pattern for the same slippers but without the felting. The ‘No sew french press slippers’, they looked great and I wanted to knit them but in the end decided not to. The thing is as you know, student life is not cheap and since I don’t own something to lay golden eggs for me I have to save money to buy expensive yarn. Obviously Drops is not expensive but for me it really is. While I had a job I could afford me some Malabrigo sockyarn but yarn is some expensive sh*t that does not (or does it?) fall under the basic needs. So yea partially bummed because I killed some expensive yarn, but mostly because I killed yarn I really love since it’s so soft and the yarn comes from cute alpaca’s :(.

Anyways, I had started the pink one before felting so I’ll either change the no sew pattern to work with the parts I’ve already knit, or I’ll find something else, but I’m not going to make another pair untill I’ve done some more felting tests in later life.

French felted slippers

Funny story btw, do you still remember Commelina? It was a present for my moms friend Wafa, she herself is a great artist who makes a large scale of different types of art. As a thank you present she sent me needle felted broche flowers. I would like to ask you to please go and visit her website because she’s made some very beautiful art! Click Here

FO: Commelina

Present from Wafa

Aren’t they pretty?? 😀 I just love the color 🙂

I’ve said it a few times and I’ve really tried but I can’t seem to finish things on command. I need some diversion- / sanityknit to keep me going every once in a while. So I started one a few days ago. I just fell in love with the pattern when I saw it, and remembered the 1000+ yards of brown sockyarn I had left for this 🙂 The pattern is called Tree of Light.

Tree of Light WIP

It started out as a cute little thing, and grew out to become a monster 😐

Tree of Light wip

I’m working on the finishing now and should be done after 3 or 4 rounds 🙂 Can’t wait to block this one! 😀

And while I’m at it let me give you another update on the unnamed which should grow a name any day now.. I frogged and reknit the right sleeve so many times I got sick of it. My biggest fear is that once washed it’ll become all poofy and that’s not what I intended, so it took a lot of patience to get where it is now. It’s a bit shorter than I had intended it but I just want to see how it looks when washed since it’ll probably grow larger because of the pattern. But if it’s still too short I can always help it grow 😀

unnamed 1.0 wipThe picture’s a bit blurry but it’ll work 🙂 And underneath is skinny jeans 2.0 🙂 yay for sewing 😉 😀

unnamed 1.0 wipskinny jeans 2.0

Anyway, though I’ve only been ‘gone’ for 2 weeks it felt like way too long, hope to have some nice FO’s soon and to have some better pictures 🙂

felting sucks…

no it doesn’t really suck.. I just suck at it 😛 there’s a difference I guess….

So in my previous posts I’ve been working out a way to felt the french felted slippers by hand, and tested out a few strips of different yarns. So in the end I decided the Classic Alpaca was going to be it and ordered 4 skeins of blue and pink right? So I knit the blue pair enthusiastically and read on the garnstudio website that felting can be done in a european style washing machine without problems and that a simple 40C washing program would do the trick.

So I sewed the pieces together, stuffed them with a plastic bag (so it wouldn’t felt together) and then threw them in the washing machine… and here’s where it went wrong…  See the pattern advised to check and recheck the pattern every 10-15 minutes and when I tried to do that I realized I couldn’t do that because my washing machine locks the door until 2 minutes after the standard programme is done……….. so this is what happened…

French felted slippers

Tho they look perfectly cute on the picture (imo) they’re unwearable… one is two or three sizes bigger than the other, the flap has become an unrecognizable odd shape (my cats love the flaps :P) and they’ve become too shallow so they won’t stay on my feet 😛

AAAaarrrghhh… I’m really sorry but I was so excited about these slippers and now I’m totally bummed out about it. I did however start the pink ones immediately to make myself happy again but seriously, I was so bummed I didn’t knit for 3 days… 😛

Obviously the second pair will be hand-felted to avoid all problems alltogether 😀

French felted slippers

You can’t really see it on the picture but the pink color is really pretty, it’s dirty pink 🙂

French felted slippers

O yea, and here’s me knitting, I don’t usually hold my hands so close to my face but the yarn was waking the kitty ^___^


hello 2010!

Before everything I hope you all had a great time and wish you all lots of happiness and good health for the new year. For the first time since I remember I felt the need to be ‘alone’. I disconnected from the world to be with my familiy and tried to forget about everything else, and I have to say that it was a very nice experience of a change 🙂

Since I’ve already said a lot about organizing I’ll cut to the chase and start ‘bloggin’ hahaha 🙂 I think of having the mondays for drawing, since I’ll have the weekend to work on them. I like to have time for my drawings and not only draw something very quickly just for the sake of posting. I’ve also still got a shirt lying around waiting to be airbrushed. So from the next monday (since there’s been no drawing yet this weekend) there will be art present 🙂 It might also be a very good way to get rid of the mondays if I have something to look forward to on a monday 🙂 I actually learned this from Ned’s Survival Guide.. and yes I watch that stuff! (it’s hilarious).

Since organizing my time and my life is a part of my new years resolutions I’m going to learn how to organize my stuff as well. There’s so much stuff here I’m trying to get rid off but I don’t really know either how to store them or how to throw them away. So I’ll be working on that as well (hasn’t got much to do with the blog but I think I’ll have nicer pictures when it’s not such a mess all the time (lol give me a break I’m still a lazy student).

Anyways, last time I was talking about the french slippers and the felting FAIL, by now I’ve found something to replace the wool yarn and the knitting/ felting action can begin! I had a bit of left-over Classic Alpaca and did some felting on it. It worked out pretty well, though I didn’t really put a real effort in it and the rectangular shaped knitting came out a little disfigured. But it’s okay I guess. This piece was also knit with a 9.0mm needle since I didn’t have a 10mm.



The felt piece looks smooth and I can’t define the stitches anymore so I think that if I try to felt it a little better it’ll work out just fine.

Since my feet are always cold and I really like the pattern I decided to make two sets, a pink one and a blue one, I immediately ordered 4 skeins of both colors and a 10.0mm needle and received a little present from Finlandia Import!


While waiting for the yarn to arrive I started another project. I still had a skein of Drops Alpaca left from the lacy mitts and didn’t know what to do with it, and then I walked into the Koolhaas pattern from Jared Flood. It’s a very pretty hat and it’s getting very cold in these parts so I needed to get rid of my ‘hats-don’t-look-good-on-me’ state of mind and decided to frog the lacy mitts (since I don’t wear them) and claim the yarn for Koolhaas 😀 I immediately fell in love with the pattern and decided to make one for my grandfathers 86th birthday and for my dad 😀 The pictures are a little crappy since I took them with my phone, but I’ll have better pictures when my dads version is done 🙂

Koolhaas hat

Koolhaas hat

Koolhaas hat

The ones I made for my grandfather and for my dad is made with the Wibra yarn called (I think) Saskia, but I’m not sure.

I’ve also been working on the unnamed project which should be getting a name soon.. I’ve added some short rows for the chest area since I was afraid it would stretch and pull since I have the lace Japanse feather and fan on the back. I must say I’m very pleased with the way it’s turning out. I’m already almost done with the first sleeve but I’ll have pictures when it’s really done instead of now 🙂

wip unnamed 1.0

wip unnamed 1.0

Hope to have some nice updates soon 🙂