to swatch or..

to fudge the knit mid-project realizing you have no idea whats going to happen to the yarn when it’s being washed… that is the question.

I’ve been jumping into projects too hasty and have had to either accept the fact that the wash might stretch the knit to the extent that I won’t be able to wear it and will have to either frog the thing or give it to someone else.. or accept that I have to frog a great part and redo the knit. This last part has happened to the CPH and to be very honest I’m not intending to let that happen again.

I’m not really a slow knitter, I have much knitting-time on my hands since I’m getting better and better at reading while knitting, or actually knitting while reading, and continental knitting helps since the yarn basically feeds itself and I don’t have to do any kind of thinking but to read my book and let my hands run on autopilot.Β  This does not mean, however, that I like wasting my time or that it doesn’t take some concentration.. and I’ve been a bit careless about the paying attention part of the whole process.

If I were to thoroughly think a pattern through and do some actual swatching and some good calculations and I would be able to finish my knits much faster and there probably wouldn’t be so many ‘oopsies’ in the process. Unfortunately tho, I’m a very chaotic person.. a lot of people have told me so, so I can basically just accept this as a fact. *sigh*

It’s not fun to realize something like this because this chaos has taken over my life and I have no idea where it begins and whereΒ  it ends. One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep track of what I do and to keep me organized, but I can’t really say it’s worked all the time. I do feel guilty when I’m not updating my blog on a regular basis when I’m busy doing schoolstuff, but I can’t seem to find a way to organize my life in a way that I can do school work AND knit AND blog in one week. And it doesn’t end here. I’m chaotic with everything, when I do my schoolwork, when I do the cleaning in the house, or when I do my sewing or knitting… I just can’t seem to find a way to organize my life.

So here’s my first new years resolution. I want to organize my life and I want to start working with timetables. Every day from monday – friday between 9.00 – 14.00 should be an active working day. I’m a student so I don’t need to work until 17.00 πŸ˜€ and I want to be working on at least one of the following hobbies at least once a week.
– drawing
– knitting
– sewing

The knitting part has taken over completely while I also love sewing and drawing and want to get better at those hobbies of mine as well. I want to try to choose one day a week for each of these hobbies so at least on these days I can work on them, so I might just have a friday cartoon day or something like that πŸ™‚

My second new years resolution is sports. I’ve always wanted to have somebody to play tennis or squash with and now I’ve finally found some one πŸ™‚ So the plan is to have one day a week to play squash together and just have some fun πŸ˜€ and I’m all for fun πŸ™‚

It may sound like a lot but all it takes is some concentration on my part during the ‘work-time’, since I tend to forget about that the most… πŸ˜›

Anyways, since we’re not quite there yet I’m still obsessing about knitting πŸ˜› I really don’t want to make the same mistake I usually make so I’ve made a few swatches for the following projects. Camden and the French press felted slippers.

I’m intendin to use Drops Silke-Tweed for Camden because I wanted to try it out and it seems like such pretty yarn for something like this pattern. I’m not a big fan of the bobbles so I’m still thinking on patterns or maybe cables, but I’m not really sure yet. Meanwhile I’ve made a swatch in 3.0mm needles (left) and 2,5mm needles (right). I really love the right swatch, but it’s going to be a pain in the behind to make. I also have to calculate and see if I have enough yarn to make it in 2.5 and how much I’d have to buy in case it’s not enough. I don’t mind buying another 2 balls but that’s just about as far as I’ll go… the darn things don’t come cheap… 😐




I’ve also made a swatch for the French felted slippers. The thing is though that I don’t have 10mm needles and had to swatch with 9.0mm. The gauge varies but I’m sure I can manage the calculations. The only problem is the felting. I made a swatch and tried to felt it by hand, since I don’t plan to use the washing machine for a little 10x10cm square. But the felting was taking quite a long while and I could see that doing the whole thing by hand would not be an option. So tomorrow morning I’ll try the machine and see what happens. I’ve already read on the interwebs that a top loader is better for felting than a front loader but I only have one machine and I’ll have to try it out anyway. If it’s successfull I’ll knit 5 pairs before felting them πŸ˜€



FO: Central Park Hoodie

Finally! It’s done!!!

cph focph fo

Yarn: Rowan pure wool Dk
Size : 4.0mm/ US6
Pattern: Central Park Hoodie

This baby took a long time to finish but turned out the way I hoped it would πŸ˜€ I messed up a little because I miscalculated the yoke and separated the sleeves waaay too late. So halfway the body I ran out of yarn…. I frogged the whole thing and started over halfway through the yoke and finished it with only half a meter of yarn left. It did give me a huge scare when it went completely loose and slack while washing… but it ended up good enough πŸ˜€

There’s still some loose ends to weave in and cut but other than that it’s done and fits me nicely πŸ™‚

cph focph fo

triple post

I think nobody notices but my blog has been down for a few days due to a blown mailserver on my hosts part. I noticed how bad it was when I couldn’t even post that I was experiencing technical difficulties after trying to post something and failing miserably…:)

There’s so much to talk about and so much to tell so I guess this post will be a ‘photoblog’ kind of post πŸ™‚

Well as you’ve probably notices two kittens reside in casa lilirious since this fall and a xmas tree would be asking for trouble… Kiwi and Noodles are both very active and, like kittens do, love to play around with anything that can roll or fall.. or break.. (lol). So this year we settled for some nice decorative and kitten-proof xmas decorations. And no tree.

P1010022 P1010023P1010025

And for once, like everywhere else, it snowed πŸ™‚ Usually when it snows there’s always something wrong with the snow. Either it doesn’t snow at all, or it’s very wet, or it freezes over or a combination of all of these things. But this year it snowed for two days straight and plunged Rotterdam into a fairy tale.








Our kittens can’t go outside since we live on the 3d/ 4th floor and they won’t be able to get back up again, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play with the snow right? Our balcony isn’t kitty-proof yet and has some places for them to escape through or to fall down, so we couldn’t let them play there… instead we made a snow-box for them to play with πŸ˜€


After poking the snow Kiwi decided she hated it and didn’t bother to come close anymore. Noodles however, thought the snow was the best thing since sliced bread and went craaazy πŸ™‚


There’s nothing better than knitting while it’s snowing *hard* outside πŸ™‚ I completely suck at fair isle knitting but I gave it a go. The left one is my first and the right one is my second ever mitten πŸ˜› I fell in love with selbu mittens while doing these and I’m going to try to become really good at knitting them πŸ˜€

test selbu mittens


sometimes fail isn’t good enough… sometimes plain ol’ fail will fail to express the extent of the fail….

For a while now I’ve cast aside the CPH because I felt there was something wrong with it.. I ignored it and thought nothing of it. I figured I was getting tired because of the cables (lol). But since I’ve been working on unnamed 1.0 (yea I know) I noticed I passed the top part much sooner than I had thought and the knit was a perfect fit… how was this possible???

So I got over myself and finished the right sleeve on the CPH and put it on when I was halfway done with the left sleeve….. and there it was the raglan part was waaaayyy too long… the sleeves were too loose and there were strange bulges on the back (behind the sleeves)…



It might not look it but it’s huge… I forgot that there are two purls next to each cable… and on these pictures you cant’ even see them…. there’s also a rib following the raglan line, you can’t even see that… it hasn’t even stretched… ARGHHH it’s not that my knitting hates me you know.. it’s just that I keep sabotaging myself by not doing the calculations right.. πŸ˜›

So somewhere this week I’ll be frogging this baby halfway up the raglan line and start all over again… and I’ll try wearing it more often while knitting hahaha πŸ˜› Though I’m bummed to have to do it again, I’m still happy I found out about it since it would’ve been a lot worse if I had already washed it and πŸ™‚

Creatures – form out of nothing *knitknit*

It’s the end of an era (lol) but this blog will from this day forward be known as “Lilirious knits”. Why? Well… the blog has a different function than when it began. This used to be a crafting/ drawing/ knitting blog, but the knitter went nutter and a coup followed, banning the other hobbies to the outskirts of the blog. They’ll come by and say hi every once in a while but not quite as often as planned. So I guess it’s time to move on πŸ™‚

And moving on, ofcourse, happens with some progress knitting πŸ˜€

unnamed 1.0

unnamed 1.0

the pattern doens’t really show yet but that might be because of the weird red shirt underneath… πŸ˜›

Also the end of the URL to this blog will be changed from ~/blog/ to ~/knit/