short vs long

I’ve noticed something about myself 🙂 I get tired of working with the laceweight yarn very quickly.. I can’t keep knitting it for a longer period and after two days I’m sick of it.. maybe that’s why I’m still not done with the arisaig… ? 😛 Anyways, it made me work on the Central Park Hoodie again so I’m not complaining 🙂

I’m at the waistline right now and I’m wondering if a short cph wouldn’t be nicer? Maybe the long version is too long? I’m not sure yet, I just might finish the sleeves first before I decide anything, but still….. 🙂 I haven’t decided just yet 🙂

CPH wip

CPH wip

Back to the future

The whole reason I ever started this blog was to organize my hobbies and try to give everything a place. Since then it’s been living a life of it’s own and taken some unexpected turns haha 😛 I do realize that I might sound very ‘dramatic’ when I say all this, but I feel I’m at the crossroads and I’m confused a lot haha 😛 I’ve had a lot of interests all my life but i’ve never been the kind of person to be persistant and to continue. I’ve done all sorts of stuff but I haven’t managed to continue these activities. The reasons are unimportant because if I had really liked these activities I would’ve pursued them anyway.. but I never did.

My parents put me in nearly every class I wanted as a kid but for some reason back then I didn’t like any of them, or I was just too busy being a kid 😀 But now, I have the feeling that I have to make up for ‘lost’ time and I have to start doing every single thing I could have continued but never did. And now I feel I’m at the crossroads.

When I was still doing Building Technology and Architecture I always felt, no matter how far away it was, that I needed to do something else. I was getting my degree but was not willing to spend the rest of my life actually fulfulling a function in that direction. But ever since I gave all that up and pursued urbanism this need has disappeared. I no longer feel like I must do something else other than what I’m studying to become. I’m actually excited to start working in this field so I feel that now my hobbies can just be hobbies I enjoy doing.

What is it with this self-torture right? 😛

Now I feel the need to let some hobbies rest and die peacefully, and maybe by doing that I can start drawing again because I actually love drawing and painting 🙂

Now that this has been cleared up (at least for myself that is) I’d like to show something I did 🙂

print o the wave

Last post I said some unpleasant things about the print o the wave, but now I realize I didn’t mean that 😛 I’ve been struggling with this pattern since the first swatch I ever made. I loved the pattern but the combination between the (for me) superthin yarn and the unfamiliar pattern made it a very tough job. Obviously I should’ve waited with this project for when I had enough experience with lace and laceweight yarn but obviously I’m the kind of person who jumps in first and asks questions later…. 😛 Now that I’m doing the edging I’m actually falling in love with the pattern again. I did make a lot of mistakes in this stole because of my inexperience. I promised this one to my mom because she liked the pattern a lot and at first I didn’t think about making another one but now that I’m working on the edging I just might be tempted to do so 🙂

print o the wave

FO’s, progress and kitties :D

I don’t know how this keeps happening but I did it again! October came and went by and all I managed was two posts… I suck.. 😛 The last few weeks I’ve been very busy with the kittens, sewing, lot’s of school work and some knitting 🙂 and yea I’ve been sick for a week as well.. so I’ve had an active week and a less active week I guess 🙂

I’ve been doing some working tho.. So I’m not all bad I guess 🙂 but where to start?


Remember this dress? I liked the pattern and the fabric (the shininess) so much I decided to make another one 🙂 The same fabric but a different print and color 🙂

Since the self made pictures are fugly and unclear I tried to do it this way.. unfortunately you can’t see sh*t on these pictures since I was intelligent enough to place them on the persian rug….. But hey they look the same so I guess you can get the idea right?

But this wasn’t all 🙂


Once again the self made pictures suck badly and in no way reflect what the skirt actually looks like.. but I guess by using your super-human powers and combining the dark silhouette on the first two pictures and the colors and shape on the lower picture you can get the idea 🙂


But that’s still not all folks.. how do you like my new trenchcoat? It’s my first ‘long’ coat ever and I’m pretty darn pleased with myself 😀 The more I sew the better I’ll get but already none of my friends managed to actually SEE that I have sewn these things myself so yea.. I’m happy 😀




And finally here’s the knitting I’ve been doing. Last post I mentioned something about joining the armpits and the 1×1 rib raglan, now I’m actually able to show some stuff 😀 I’m not up to the calculation part so I’ve shoved this project aside until my head works enough to not fudge the calculations… which obviously would suck 🙂
I’m continuing the 1×1 raglan rib into the side and it’s looking nice imho. 🙂

edging print o the wave wip

and last but not least I dug up some old project 🙂 This project has been lying around since forever because I couldn’t get myself to work on it. The pattern is beautifull but it’s repetitive and extremely boring… (to me), another problem is that it’s not an easy pattern to memorize, and I’ve managed to fudge it quite often since I can’t always finish one repetition… another big oops was when I didn’t want to graft to two parts so I just continued on the start of the first part.. so the leaves aren’t falling but rising…..? 😛 anyways.. I can forgive myself for that hahahaha.

So my mom really liked the project from the start and was looking at it with happy innocent eyes so I decided to give this to my mom 🙂 (also since I’m probably not going to wear it anyway…). So now I’m working on the edging and hopefully I’ll be done in a short while 🙂

Before I go I’d like to show some of my new stash 😀
stash :)

12 skeins of 50gr, 210m fingering yarn 😀 I’m not sure what it wants to become yet, but it’s probably going to be pretty 🙂

I’ll say goodbye with kiwi & noodles sleeping like two cute idiots:

kiwi & noodles :)

activities :)

So here’s my first october post 🙂 I’ve not disappeared into the darkness haha I’ve just been a little preoccupied 😛

You might remember me posting about sewing stuff and my cool new stash… if you don’t it’s over HERE 🙂 Here I said I wanted to sew some very nice stuff for the new season and for once be ‘on time’ with the trends haha, well this was August 23d.. now we’re a week into october and I just finished three of those projects 🙂 I haven’t been able to take some nice pix yet, and I wasn’t really interessted in the o-hai-mirror-pic picture so I’ll try to do that somewhere this week 🙂

I do have a crappy picture I’d like to show of the dress I’ve sewn 🙂 I’ve made this one in two colors, the other one is in blue-ish print. I’ve also sewn me a nice trenchcoat, but there’s a few details I haven’t worked out just yet 🙂


anyway there’s a lot of things to show but not enough light and photographers 🙂

I’m still working on the CPH, and I’ve already separated the sleeves so I’m done with the hard part 😀 now it’s just calculating and shaping 😀