Kiwi, Noodles & CPH

ssssstt, try to be quiet.. there’s a little kitty sleeping next to me :O

Last time I told you about how I wanted to adopt kittens and now I’d like you to meet them 🙂 On friday morning we went to the animal shelter here in Rotterdam and asked for kittens (because we’d seen them on the website), but the clerk told us that they didn’t have any kittens at the moment. We decided that we’d still like to take a look and when we came in the cat-section (all the way to the back of the complex) the woman there told us that they just got a nest of kittens who were quarantined 🙂

There were 4 tabby’s that had been found in the streets. They were seven weeks old and we could take them with us immediately. They had been chipped, and vaccinated once and have to have their second shots in three weeks time. Before their 6th month they will be sterilized as well. It was very difficult to pick them because we wanted two and they were all so cute 😀 *drool* in the end we chose the two that played the most and seemed the most fearless (hihi).

While I’m typing this one of them (we named her Kiwi) is sleeping in the living room on the couch, and the other one (we named her Noodles but we’re not sure about it yet) is sleeping next to my computer chair wheel (wtf..) in the sun 😀


Kiwi & Noodles
Kiwi & NoodlesKiwi & Noodles

arent they cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute 😀 I think they are 🙂 but since I don’t want to clutter the knitblog (again) I’ve made another little blog for them 🙂 you can visit this blog HERE 🙂 It won’t be updated a lot I think but I’ll try to post some funny kitty stuff there for the fans ^____^

anyway, so there’s the reason.. that’s why I haven’t been knitting… I can’t stop looking/ playing at/ with them :O:O:O But I did manage to do a little bit of knitting on the side (while they slept on my lap after playing with my yarn hihi)
CPH wipCPH wip

In the last post I said that I didn’t like the raglan ‘line’ and didn’t like how the cables just started out of nowhere. So I tried to alternate the knits and purls but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I made the raglan line more dominant. This way it’s a clear line and the cable comes from this line which I do like more. The thing I’m seeing now is that I forgot to mirror the right and left side.. I just added a 1×1 rib over 6 stitches between the increases, but forgot to mirror. It’s not a big deal and I don’t mind because you don’t really notice it anyway, only when you know it’s there hehehe. At the moment I’m working on my third skein (just started) so I’m starting to get worried… this little baby just might get a bit more expensive than I imagined haha.
meh.. I’m still happy about the yarn tho.. this hoodie is just too pretty for cheapo acrylics yarn 😀

evil broodings

yes.. as the title indicates I’m brooding on an evil plot to crack the misteries of the top down Central Park Hoodie. I’ve seen a few examples (thank you Google.. you are my friend) and I’ve seen some very good things, but also a few things I’m not a great fan of. I loved all of te CPHs because I love the pattern but the top-down versions made it more ‘streamlined’. I’ve noticed I’m really not a fan of seams (maybe that’s also why I just cant work on Arisaig for a while since I don’t mind the small needles). I feel seams disrupt the pattern for some reason, but I have to say that I did notice something I didn’t like about the topdown version as well.
The CPH shows two cables in on each front side, which means that one of those cables will have to start somewhere in the middle since there’s no seam at the top. The thing about cables starting in the middle of nowhere doesn’t appeal to me at all…..

So I tried to think about the different possibilities and had a little talk with my mom who gave me some nice advice 😀


Here’s an ugly drawing made by me 🙂 As you can see on the right side you’d get a weird start for the cable. Now I know you can make the cable start ‘more nicely’ by making visible raglan increases, but I don’t like that either (i’m picky). I’m just not a huge fan of the straight line, or the straight line with holes. And in this case I don’t want to do invisible increases either because of the above stated problem.

So the answer (hopefully) is this: a 2×2 or 4×4 rib between the increases. I’d have to calculate to see where the ribbin would be so that I could make it fit around the purl edges of the cable and make it ‘introduce’ the cable column… (lol)

Anyways, for now it’s just a thought, if I feel like it I just might make a swatch to see how it turns out, if not I just might wing it haha 😀 But I’m only on the 5th repeat of the top part so I’m not even nearly there 🙂

CPH wipCPH wip


Yesterday, after some research, I started on my Central Park Hoodie. I’ve been waiting to do this project for ages and I’m totally psyched about the knit 🙂 And since I enjoyed working on Vaila so much I decided to do this one top-down as well.. again, it’s the first time I’m knitting a hoodie, and my second sweater-like (in size) ever so yes I know I’m an idiot. The thing is that my biggest fear in knitting is that I won’t get a nice snug fit, and that the sewing together will leave ugly seams and it will stretch in places I don’t want it to stretch. This is reason enough for me to keep doing this to myself. I like keeping things interesting I guess hehe. Anyway, I’ve found some more people on Rav who are (way) more experienced than me and who have successfully knit the CPH top down. So I’m thinking that if I follow their notes I might be able to pull this one off as well 😀

I think I’ll need to use a lot of lifelines for this project, even if it’s just to keep my cables organized at first haha 😛

I already started with the hood 🙂 What do you think of my stitchmarkers? I made them myself 😀

CPH wip

Another thing I’d like to share 🙂 I’ve always (even as a kid) wanted to have a cat, so my parents thought “sure why not” and we got the cutes little kitten 🙂 A few days later my dad started sneezing and coughing and within two weeks the kitten was gone. Nowadays I’ve got my own appartment and some 75+m2 free for cute little kitten(s)/ cat(s), so I’ve been looking and doing some research on creating a safe environment for them (since I live on the 2nd & 3d floor and have a busy street nearby). But while searching I find the cutest little kitties you can imagine. Here’s a picture from the kattenplaza forum:


FO: Vaila

Yaay! finally it’s done! My first ever top-down sweater is a huge succes!! I’m so excited I’m not sure what to say about it!

Vaila FO

Pattern: Vaila, by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Drops Classic Alpaca, 6.5 skeins
Needles: US7, 4,5mm

I love this sweater.. as a matter of fact I love it so much I’ll be knitting more sweaters 😀 The project did have some huge WTF moments, and the bind-off took me 2 redo’s and finally a crochet hook to get it done, but it’s finally done 🙂 Few things I learned here:

– top-down knitting (w00h00), obviously this involves upside-down-thinking (lol)
– knitting sleeves
– that I suck at sleeve knitting with DPN’s and that Magic Loop is the only way to go 😀

So yea 🙂 I’m not going to block this knit since it’s the right size as is, and I think the front is too revealing already 😛 I doubt I’ll be wearing this without a top to my uni but since this is my blog I’ll show off the goods for my lovely readers (by this I mean nobody ever comes here so muhahaha).
Anyway, I’ve just washed it and let it soak in super gentle fabric softener and laid it flat to dry, so hopefully I’ll have some pretty pictures next time. I must say it felt a lot lighter, but I’m just hoping it doesn’t stretch out of shape now….. *starts freaking out*

Vaila FOVaila FOVaila FO

losing my religion..

Today I realized that my knitting activities have become more and more interesting. Vaila is my first ever sweater and I’ve already learned tons and tons about the art of sweater knitting hihi. The first thing is to completely understand the whole pattern before starting. I have the bad habbit of just starting to knit something whenever I feel like starting a knit.. and then it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, and if I’m even able to clear my head enough to actually read the pattern before I start. Or even to have a sort of plan.. On Vaila I didn’t even make a gauge swatch, and I didn’t even wash the swatch to see if it would grow or not… I just assumed that either the sweater would grow or my body fat would have to shrink.. (which is not a bad plan anyway haha).
Lucky for me it’s all good and the sweater is almost done and I’m very satisfied with the way it looks. But it doesn’t mean that there were no bumps along the way… there’s actually a few haha and in a way this knit has been a lesson more in patience than in anything else.. 🙂


This is what the sweater looked like yesterday. I’m still showing the old pictures because there’s something funny going on. The pattern called for larger needles on the ribbing than on the pattern and the lace panel. In my case it was a 4,5mm on the ribbing and a 4 on the rest. I wore the sweater before starting on the second sleeve to show my mom what I had accomplished in a few days (which for a chaotic person like me really is an accomplishment haha), and the first thing she sais is: the right sleeve is too tight. So I tell her that I think it’ll stretch during the first wash and otherwise I’ll block it out and hope for the best, but she’s not convinced.. At this moment I’m bummed out because of her response..
So the next day I’m starting the ribbing on the left sleeve and notice I’ve been knitting the whole thing with 4,5mm needles.. After the neck ribbing I never switched the needles to 4.0mm. I did however knit the first part of the right sleeve with 4.0mm DPN’s (which caused a whole different problem themselves..).

Anyway, I continued the ribbing in 4,5 since the sweater didn’t look bad, but it did dawn on me why the gauge didn’t make sense the whole time…. 😀 Anyway, today I frogged the right sleeve and started knitting it again with the 4,5mm needles.

There’s a few things I learned on this project. I started out with my knitting booklet where I would write the whole pattern in to be able to have all the patterns I ever knit toghether in one booklet.. this was fantastic because I’d have to go through the entire pattern before starting to knit and I’d always have to check it very carefully, but I stopped using it because it was very time consuming and ofcourse I’m a fan of jumping in head-first without thinking… I also learned that I suck at using DPN’s for sleeves.. I didn’t have any trouble using them on hats but obviously sleeves don’t work for me… my knitting became very very tight and there’s this ‘edge’ forming on two sides of the sleeve which sucks a lot…



So here’s the reason behind the ‘dramatic’ title, since this blog is still here to help me evolve into a better person and to help me organize myself: chaos has ruled my life for as long as I remember. The happiest times were the most chaotic times. I’ve been a workaholic without an actual ‘life’ to get to and I need this to stop. So in order to get to the zen like state I’d like to have some day, I need to lose this religion. And letting go is a part of that.
It may seem that it’s just knitting, but it’s not. These projects help me in a way to see the things I do wrong in my personal life and in my ‘career’. A year ago I would’ve been so bummed about the sleeve that I would’ve cast it aside and not look at it again for a whole year, being unable to face my failure. But now I embrace it 🙂 (am I sounding corny yet? 😉 )

Today I frogged the first sleeve I ever made (which cost me a lot of time as wel…) only to be halfway done with the sleeve an hour later 🙂

PS. I’m NEVER using DPN’s again.. magic loop is the only way to go 😀

don’t know much about.. knitting math

I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this already or not but I’ve got some problems calculating gauges for differnt yarns.. ok before you think I’m stupid let me explain hehe 🙂

I’ll see a cool pattern on rav and I’ll be excited about it and all and then I realize I don’t want to spend that much on the suggested yarn or I like to use some of my stashed yarn and here’s where the math comes in… I’ll know what the given gauge is and I know what my gauge is, and I’m also capable of calculating the amount of stitches and stuff.. what I don’t know  how to calculate is how much yarn I’ll need for that particular project… :S It’ll say something like 500y and I won’t know if I have to buy 5 or 7 skeins of yarn…..

This is exactly why I’m freaking out about using stashed yarn.. I don’t know what it can be… I don’t know how big the project can be… the worst thing I can imagine is finally finding a great pattern and knitting a sweater of some sorts and having the yarn end on me while I’m knitting the first sleeve… or even worse… .having 1″ to go on the second sleeve…. argh.. I have SO much yarn I need to go through and I’m just being chicken… 🙁

vaila wip

hit me… I knit about 4″ and worked a few rounds of ribbing and then ran out of yarn.. 😛 I’m not frustrated tho.. I ordered two more over the internetz yesterday so it should be arriving tomorrow (thank you Finlandia Import!!). I’ll be finishing this one in the weekend I hope 😀

I know I said I wasn’t going to start on new projects until the old ones were finished, but with the fall closing in I get the feeling I need to adjust my to do list a little. the print o the wave stole will probably not be a priority since it’s an accessory, but the arisaig is a different story… it’s important because of the weather but it’s driving me crazy 😛 The ribbing section is just too much.. So in spite of myself I started on the lacy mitts a few days ago. You can’t really see what it’ll look like yet, and it’s an incredible color for knitting but I’m already very happy with the results so far 😀

lacy mitts wip


With schools starting and all I’ve been a little preocupied. But now I’m back again and ready for the knitting action! I haven’t had te thime to start sewing the things in my queue from the last posts yet but I have ordered some more yarn for some new projects. stash

I’ve already started on the brown alpaca yarn and I’m working on Vaila at the moment and am working on the sleeves. The purple one is destined to become a Central Park Hoodie and the grey one will become a nice set of long mitts for which I haven’t decided on the pattern yet…

Vaila wip

Anyway, here’s Vaila 🙂 The body took 4 skeins and now theres only 1 left to make the sleeves and to make the hem longer. I’m don’t think I’ll be able to make all of those with just one skein but it might just be possible.

The pattern for this sweater is written as a bottom-up knit. I started bottom up first but ended up making the whole thing way too big. I have something against loose knits, which is why I never liked to wear knitted garnments as a kid, but now that I’m knitting myself and I can decide the final look of my knits I really don’t want them to be loose. After some searching I found out that I could also knit the sweater top-down. I have no experience with top-down knitting and this would be my first ever top-down sweater.. This is me… I’ve never done something before… I really want to learn to to something.. so how do I learn? I try to learn by modding an existing bottom-up sweater to a top-down one… yea.. that’ll work.. hihi

I’m still surprised to say that it did, but it’s no thanks to me tho! I found some great notes by fellow raveler NessaRenee. Without these notes It would’ve been a huge mess 🙂

I was very surprised to see how fast a sweater like this grows..I’ve been knitting on the Arisaig for what seems like forever and I’ve only just got to the huuuge ribbing of the right front part….. with no end in siiiiiight omg this knit is driving me crazy….

Thankfully there’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel tho… the back part is finished and I just fool myself by saying that I’m over halfway done hahaa 🙂

arisaig back wip