As promised I’ve been sewing my @r$€ off the past few days trying to finish some nice stuff to wear for the new semester in September 🙂 I’ve managed to finish three things already and as a special bonus I have some pictures of the recently finished Shipwreck Shawl 😀

so to quote the king: “a little less conversation a little more action plz” 😀

FO stripey dressP250809_19.50

FO Shipwreck shawlFO Shipwreck shawl

FO top & circle skirtFO top & circle skirt

Unfortunately the quality of the images is not that great.. I forgot the take my good camera with me and I had to take these pictures with my phone.. a big thank you to my mom for the pix 😀

Paris, mon amour

The past eight monts have been the most creatively productive months since a very long while. The more I knit or sew, the more i feel the urge to create some more. The thing is that I’ve been sort of a tom-boy my whole life. I’ve been surrounded by boys since childhood (yea lots of boys in the family), and also during my education. That’s been alright for a long time but recently the urge to feel feminine has gotten a stronger grip on me and I don’t think it’s gonna let go any time soon.

When I was a kid I used to make ‘fashion’ drawings and my cousin Sara would color them in and we’d cut out a pricetag out of the papers from the supermarket. Anyways, I feel like I’ve gone back in time and I’m making some of the same drawings all over again 🙂

I’m not neaaarly good enough to actually make my own sewing desings yet, but I’m practicing with drawing up the patterns of expensive clothing I see in the shops (or on people). Who knows, maybe i’ll actually pull it off 😀

Until then I’m depending on a few magazines for the sewing magic 😀 I’ve been browsing and selected a few patterns which I like a lot 🙂 It’s a lot of the ’50s french and brittish 🙂 and me likes 😀


Nice patterns need nice fabrics, so I went to the ‘lapjesmarkt’ in Utrecht, which is a rather huge market on each saturday morning and where they have the nicest fabrics for the greatest prices 😀 So I added a few of these to my stash 🙂

sewing stashsewing stash
sewing stashsewing stash

I’m hoping to be able to have an update on the knitting soon!

I finished a quick in-between knit for my new ipod 😀 I lost my previous ipod video to the attack of a bottle of agressive OJ… but now The Man got me a new one so in order to protect my new ipod and make it happy I knit it a little cozy ^__^ *happy face* The pattern is actually the pattern from the Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang

endpaper mitts ipod cozyendpaper mitts ipod cozy

FO: Shipwreck shawl

FO: Shipwreck
I’m not really sure what to say about this post. I’m extremely happy with the results 😀 Though it was quite a big project.. and it felt as if it would never be finished I’m very happy with the way my first ever round shawl turned out 😀 The main difference between the original version from the pattern and my shipwreck shawl is the choice of yarn (and I didn’t use the 5,5 and 6,5 because I didn’t have them). I used Malabrigo Lace (Oceanos) for this knit, so it turned out a bit smaller than the original seems. Also I used a LOT less beads than is called for. First off I couldn’t find the right beads for a suitable price (please consider, I’m a poor student after all… the yarn was pretty darn expensive….). The second reason is that I figured I’d need three whole hanks of yarn.. I actually only used 2. The third hank was used for a part of the bindoff… which could not have been more than 10m.

Not that I mind to have a hank of malabrigo lace lying around 😉 Anyway, I’ll get The Man to take some better pictures of me actually wearing the shawl and post them up 🙂

PS. Some kind sould fixxed the Flickr Manager Plugin so it works with the latest version: THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU MADE MY LIFE A LOT EASIER THANK YOU THANK YOU!! 😀

So here’s some pictures 😀
FO: ShipwreckFO: Shipwreck

FO: ShipwreckFO: Shipwreck


I feel like a good and thorough de-stashing 🙂 At the moment I have a huge stash, the only problem is that a lot of this stash is either unusable (and I really don’t like throwing away good but unmatching yarn), or just not enough to become something very nice… Most of it is acrylic (and cheap!) yarn so in a way I don’t mind not using it because it’s good enough for experiments or ovenmitts… 😛

Anyway, I’ve already made a small start on finishing the last three wip’s I have in my ‘under construction’ list. The Shipwreck, Arisaig and the Print O the wave stole which has been lying around since april…. 😛

In an attempt to organize the daily knitting a little I got me a little basket where I can put all things for my daily knitting in. Everything I need is in there and the three projects I’ll be working on most are in there as well.

Here’s a little update on Sackboy 2.0 as well. I’m still looking for some better buttons for the eyes but this’ll have to do for now 🙂 Also I made the little guy a little hat but I think it’s not so visible on the picture. I’ll make sure to take some better pics once the stitching is all done 🙂

I’ve also been working on the Shipwreck for a little while and I’ve made some nice progress 🙂 I left out the smaller beads tho because it was taking a lot of time to keep sliding them over my yarn. The other problem was that the sliding made the yarn all worn and messy. I’m not sure if I’ll still need all the beads because obviously I’ll have much much less beads than called for in the pattern, but I guess I can fix that in the last three rounds as well. If I see it’s getting too light I’ll just add another few rounds with a lot of beads 🙂

o hai.. i haz returned :)

so I’m back with some nice stories and a (very) little bit of knitting. This holiday I’ve taken a big decision that will affect my hobbies greatly. I dropped one of my master studies and will now only focus on urbanism. I guess sometimes we make decisions we think are best for us only to find out that it’s hasn’t turned out that way, and it’s not making us happy. I guess the more I thought about it the more I realized I enjoyed urbanism much more than architecture, and tho I’m interested in the subject, I’m not willing to commit to it as much as the discipline requires. My intrests and hobbies are far too widespread to be focussed on just one thing. I guess in a way I like architecture because it’s the mother of all other arts, but I’m interested in the childeren more than the mom…hehe.. I’m a little kid 😛

Urbanism on the other had has much more to offer (imo). Urbanism is all about the city and how people move through it.. how it becomes a living and breathing thing with it’s own character and identity. Urbanism is like playing Sim City on a huge scale 😀 Ofcourse I COULD’ve known… I completely missed the signs 😛 one of my all-time fave games is Age of Empires (or Starcraft… or Halo Wars… or theme park…. aaaargh). Whatever it was it’s always been about creating some sort of village or park or hospital (remember theme hospital? :P). About organizing spaces and flows and movement on the larger scale rather than the facades and ornaments of one piece of the puzzle :).

Don’t get me wrong tho, I like the detailed work… after all.. I did spend 5 years studying building technology……… 😐 talk about details….LOL (for the people who don’t know what building technology is: it’s all about the phase between the architects design and the contractor who builds it. Here’s where design work is being transformed into technical blue-prints so the contractor can start building.

Anyway, this means I’ll have a significant amount LESS stress than before, which means I have more TIME to spend on my hobbies, and this means I’ll FINALLY have time to add drawing, journaling and art back into my life 😀

So let me tell you what I’ve been doing this last week 🙂

We went to france and stopped by in Paris 😀

The view from the hotel was weird… but who cares! We had a blast 😀 Anyway ofcourse I’ve also been knitting and being productive 🙂 I’ve been working on the arisaig a little but I’m still not done with the back.. I had to use straight needles on this one because I don’t own a set of circular 2,5mm ones, but it’s terrible.. I HATE straight needles.. they’re too heavy… 😛

I’ve also been working on the Shipwreck a little but because of the small beads it’s almost as if there’s no progress at all…. I think I’ll skip the beads for a few rounds and start adding them again after 10 rounds, creating a gradient in between.. I really do need the beads for the weight of the whole thing.. but this way it’s just not going anywhere…

You might also remember little Sackboy 1.0 from the previous post. But now it’s time to meet sackboy 2.0! At least… he’s still in progress so you can’t really meet him/ or her yet 😛 but anyway here’s his little legs, body and his huge head… I’m working on the first arm right now, and I must say it’s getting better than the first one already.. There’s a whoooole lot of sackboys on rav so you might want to check those out :D:D:D

And last but not least: I dug up an old project which I want to finish this holiday 😀