the orange explosion…

Do you remember the Mr. Bean episode where he tries to paint his house by covering everything with foil and putting dynamite in the can of paint, and then this guy comes in to grab his hat…. that’s how this post makes me feel 🙂 an explosion of orange! I finally got around to buy me some malabrigo yarn in terracotta and i have to say it’s even better, softer and prettier than I had imagined it to be 🙂 I heard so many good things about it I just had to try some, but unfortunately my student budget only allowed for two hanks and I’m really unsure of what I want to make of it. I’ve been thinking of an Arisaig for a very long time, but I’m definately going to need a lot more yarn if I want to be able to make the whole thing.. and once again… budget.. student.. ouch… 😛
I have to say it’s totally worth it tho!! I’m just whining because I’m a student.. If I had a proper job I would’ve bought 4 or 5 and made the damned Arisaig 😛 But now I’m just not sure 🙁 Maybe I should make it and then next month buy two more? I’ll have to see how it goes I guess 😀

It’s orange! It’s soft! It’s superyaaarnnnnn 😀 w00t!

Soooo, besides the delicious new yarn I’ve got an update on the Sunrise top! It’s allmost done!!! I can’t wait!! I only need to do two more rows of lace and then an inch of 4×4 rib! (yea and add elastic) and then it’s all done!!!

sunny day = productive day

nothing beats a sunny day in my little knitting world. I live in an appartment with two small balconies. One is on the north side of the building and is narrow but reaches from one end till the other end of the appartment, and the other one is 1.5×2.0m and is on the soutside. There are no other balconies above ours so this means we have sun on the soutbalcony from 7-8 in the morning till 7 pm and this TOTALLY makes up for the size… It may sound big, but it’s small.. there’s the door which opens towards the balcony and the pipe’s for the rain, and then ofcourse there’s the edges which are higher, so you can’t even use all of the space. But I still love it 🙂 it’s cute and I can work on my laptop from it so it’s good enoug for me…

Anyway, because of this little balcony I get extra motivated and productive in the spring and summer. I can sit there from early morning till late in the afternoon and knit knit knit knit knit… so this last week there’s been a lot of sunny days and a lot of knitting.

There’s only one little problem with these knitting days.. I sit next to the kitchen so I actually take a bite during knitting.. and well.. it can get boring after a while. Normally I just knit an hour or less during a day, but when it’s sunny and school/ work allows it I work all day long, and then a pattern can become very repetitive and boring so on days like this I tend to do a lot of things at once..

maybe two or three ours of knitting on the Onerva 3.0, and then some swatching for the Wine Red Top from the Obscuriosity Free Choice KAL, and then I dug up my sad little first attempt at a self made design Sunrise and change a few things and then I actually CO the Anne Elliot Spencer 😀

Onerva 3.0 is now in the 5th repeat and the second ball of yarn. This one just flies! It’s going so much faster than the first and even second attempt! w00t! I’m hoping to finsh this one this weekend so I can have it blocked and ready for my mom on monday or tuesday 🙂

For the Wine Red Top, which in my case be a different color, I made some swatches. The problem I always have is that my gauge doesn’t correspond to the gauge of the manufacturer.. I knit more loose and have to pick smaller needles to come to the same gauge. So here’s the dilemma. I have two tyes of yarn I’d like for this top. It’s either the Drops Muskat (left) or the Drops Safran (right). Tho I think I have enough to make the top in both colors I’m not sure I really want to do that..

For the lace part of the top I decided to do a razor shell pattern instead of the fern lace.. for some reason I constantly messed up the fern lace but this pattern has the same effect but works a lot nicer 🙂 I think I’ll have this finished in no-time now because it’s become a lot of fun again 😀

And last but definately not least, the wip of the Anne Elliot Spencer! I’m totally loving the pattern 😀

Anne Elliot Spencer wip

After some swatching and some searching on ravelry I came to one of the first patterns I found when I first started knitblogging. The incredibly cute Anne Elliot Spencer designed by CanarySanctuary. I really like the cuteness of the pattern and decided that the sartelia cotton yarn might be nice for a project like this 😀

Since I switched to continental knitting I’ve mainly been knitting in the round and today I noticed that my WS knits where I purl the guage is different. I purl more looseley than when I knit..

Anyhoo.. last week I upgraded to wordpress 2.8 and I’ve been experiencing some difficulties when it comes to posting.. for some reason my posts didn’t show any text or pictures.. just a title lol.. I upgraded to 2.8.1 yesterday and that problem seems to be solved, unfortunately my flickr manager plugin seems to be incompatible with this version and it stopped working since 2.8. Now I’m having ‘the time of my life’ inserting pictures…. it sucks.. plzplzplz fix the flickr manager.. I can’t LIVE without it… manual labor SUCKSss.. maybe I should donate… lol 😀

Anyway back to the knitting, the yarn is from ‘sartelia’ and is actually crochet yarn and not knitting yarn.. but hey.. yarn is yarn and I’m liking the swatch so who cares right? The only thing I’m not very sure of is the needle size. The swatches below are made with a US0/2mm needle and they still look a bit loose to me. I realize this could be caused by the fact that my purling isn’t as tight as my knitting, but there also might be a chance that the needles are too big..

I’m really hoping for the first one since I can’t be bothered to knit the entire thing with 1,5mm needles (since I don’t own US00/1,75mm) or buy a new set of needles…

of anniversaries and such..

Of all the montsh in the year “June” is my favorite. Of all numbers “4” is my favorite..

I was born on June 4th (lol) 1984(<-) and I started dating mr Man on June 24th (lol). And now.. my blog is six months old on June 21st (yea I know.. should’ve been 24th as well…).

Anyhoo.. today I realized my blog is actually six months old (well yesterday..), and I read the whole thing all over again (since it’s not that big yet hihi). I must say I’m pleased with the way it turned out to be. I started this blog as a way to record ‘all’ of my hobbies for which I had forgotten to take the time. Now I realize it’s become a real knitting blog and the other hobbies have been moving more and more to the background. I’m also not sure about combining these hobbies in one blog. I just might move my drawings to another blog and dubb this to a ‘real’ knitblog.. tho I still don’t know if I’ll be able to manage two blogs but I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. Anyway since this is going to be a knit blog I’m going to remove the ‘knitting’ tag because it is dominating the tag cloud in a rediculous way.. 😛

But for now.. I really like the way it turned out, because I basically assumed that I’d be way too lazy to even keep posting for a month so in a way I guess I proved myself wrong 😛

So to celebrate the happiness I decided on a new layout and look 😀 It’s not done yet but It’s going the right way and it only needs some minor adjustments 🙂

Today I emptied out the boxes and reviewed my ever stash and realized it’s getting big… I need to think of some nice new projects to knit because I already have too little space for my stuff and the latest additions to my stash don’t even fit in my closet or boxes anymore… they just linger around in my house.. moving from kitchen to living room… *sigh* my poor little innocent yarnsies.

So here’s an update… I still don’t know what to do with all of it.. but it’s nothing a visit to ravelry won’t be able to fix 😀

it’s dirty and gross.. but I hope it likes to be washed ^.^ – I have four of these in this color, two in white and one slightly thicker yarn in pink :O

And I still have 6 more of these –
I wanted to buy a very fine crochet hook for these and make jewelry but hm.. I guess I forgot? 😛 This would be nice with the white cotton (if it becomes white again)

Too many of these in odd colors 😛     –           Still a bunch of 100% silk balls 🙂

two balls of red silk with gold spots   –           and plain gold yarn..

and silver…..                         –                              and pretty drops safran.. frogged now.. since I wasn’t going to wear it anyway…. 😛

and ofcourse the yarn shown in the previous stash post 🙂

anyhoo.. I’m going to try to figure out what kinds of stuff I want to knitttt 😀

Onerva 3.0

While I was knitting Onerva 2.0 I got a lot of reactions from people. The more I knit, the more addicted to knitting I become so I start knitting everywhere and I start taking my knitting with me wherever I go. So the other day I was knitting in the train when this guy (my age) comes and sits on the chair in front of me. A few minutes later I look up and see his eyes are glued to the kniting in my hands. The look on his face was just pricesless, this had never happened to me before.. usually when people see me knitting in the train they walk past me and sit somewhere else lol. They avoid me like I smell 😛 (maybe I do.. 😐 😐 :|)

Anyway, was I was saying, Onerva 2.0 got a lot of attention from all sorts of people including my mom. So I asked her if she wanted me to knit one for her too, and she said ‘well, no, you’ll go crazy if you’d start this all over agian…’
What my mom didn’t understand is that I wasn’t only asking for her.. I was asking for me as well.. See the pattern is so incredibly addictive and the knit itself is so rewarding I felt it had ended too soon…. lol and now that I’ve started another one I see how much faster it goes and I only looked at the chart once to check when the second repeat was supposed to come in.

We picked out a more ‘serious’ color for my mom so she can combine it with all sorts of office clothing and accessories. Here’s a very small progress pic of a few hours of knitting onerva 3.0

FO: Paisley dress & hat

Two updates today! Yesterday I finished the cute little paisley dress & hat I was working on and I couldn’t be happier! The dress is so incredibly cute! I think I’ll make another one just like it but with different colors 🙂

So let me tell you a bit about what I learned this time haha. The more I think about it the more this blog is becoming a way to register my progress so I might as well say something about the (lots) of mistakes I make during my knitting… (since nobody reads my blog this is perfectly safe! LOL)

Besides the (failed) attempt at the space invaders knit, better represented here, I gave up on bi-colored knitting. It’s was either too slow or too messy. I like having my yarn in my left hand and not having it hang from my work and have to throw with my right hand. I get annoyed at the slow rate and the constant ‘stopping’ to change hands.

With this project I ‘invented’ something onlly to find out it already exists… lol.. I wound a piece of metal wire around my finger and hung a circle on it. The circle guided my second color and this way I was able to knit with both yarns in my left hand without it becoming a tangled mess… but ofcourse now I’m definately going to buy one of those!!

It’s still obvious to see that the changes in yarn aren’t that great, but I think that’s because of the lack of experience and the home-made crappy yarn guiding thingy I made. Also the yarns didn’t match in thickness.. I knew this already but I thought it wouldn’t matter that much……. lol

This project was a LOT of fun, and I actually think I’ll knit another one just to see how it turns out the second time 😀

yeaaa I know.. it’s a lot of pictures of the same dress.. sshhhh this was my excuse to post some pictures of baby-cuteness on the interwebs! smiling babies are just the cutest thing 😀

FO: Onerva 2.0

And finally.. its DONE! After one failed attempt I realised this pattern would not leave me alone. The second attempt, because of the better yarn choice, was a much better succes and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.
I was so excited when it was done I actually took it off the blocking board too soon…. -_- It was quite stupid but hey.. I really really really wanted to see how it looked on me haha 😛

So after taking it off the board I had to put it back (since it was still damp) and this turned out to be quite dificult because I had removed the waste yarn on the sides. Because of this, the shawl had schalloped sides and it was.. well. ugly 😛

so yesterday I washed it again, and sewed some wasteyarn in the sides to hold it tight and then blocked it tightly on a small matrass covered in (here it comes..) shower curtain. The result is MUCH better and even the few OOPSIES I had are almost invisible! So again.. w000ttt 😀

The process of reblocking

and now it lies flat 😀

This image shows Onerva 2.0 before blocking. I did a total of 8 repeats of the pattern and stopped right before the 9th repeat. I finished it off with 3 rows of garter stitch (with 3 ribs on the RS).
Before blocking the knit fit easily on my kitchen table which is.. well big. After blocking it just became huge.. I think it grew 30-40cms during blocking. I was just amazed because I was affraid that it would be too small lol.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of pictures 😀

lots to talk about

My mom and I have this thing.. we used to share our shoes and make up.. and hair products and everything and now that we both picked up knitting (again) we share yarn… we also swap yarn.. 😛
A few post back gave Rowan Tapestry a go, only to find out it wasn’t really working for me, so I gave them to my mom. My mom knit a very cute cardigan and then ran out of yarn.. lol. But since the yarn was on a sale and now it’s sold out she’s probably going to finish the cardi with some black or something. Anyway, the thing is that when I give her yarn she gives me some yarn in return and last week she gave me this (for me huge) stash fo two different types of pretty pretty yarn.

I still have no idea what to do with it yet but I’m very happy because both yarns are very nice and soft. The timing might not be spectacular but I might be able to think of something suitable for the Dutch summers.
Anyway, here’s a little update on the projects:

It’s been a while since I last mentioned the Print O’ the Wave stole but I’ve been working on it on and off and there’s a little (but very encouraging) progress to show. I’ve managed to do 10 repeats of the pattern and can almost start on the second part. I love the pattern but I must say it get’s a bit boring and repetitive after a while. Also the yarn is so thin I find myself concentrating so hard I actually get a headache :S..

And now back to Onerva. I really love this pattern. It’s such a simple knit once you get past the first repeat, it’s actually very soothing. I love working on this so much I actually told my mom I want to knit one for her too 😀 And yea she was very happy because she likes the pattern too 🙂
I’ve been working on this one as often as I could because of the pattern and the fact that you don’t really have to think. You can read the lace and knit without constantly having to check the chart (I usually have to check the chart because I’m affraid I’ll make some mistakes I can’t fix).

The thing with Onerva is that once I started I planned to make it with three balls of Drops Fabel and I thought It would get very big, but it’s actually not that big and now I’m worried it might be too small!

I’m almost through the second ball :O Onerva eats yarn…. 😐 😀 I think I’ll just finish the third ball as well and then decide if i should go for more or not.. stupid as it may be, I forgot to check if fabel grows during blocking or no, so I’m in for a surprize 😐

Last week a friend of my moms came over from Iran and she brought me the cutest gift! She knitted me a purse! I really like it and I think I’ll used it for my knitting transport 😀 Her sister was actually the reason I started knitting again so I need to think of a good way to thank them both 🙂

I know.. I know.. this post is very weird.. It’s filled with all sorts of different topics and things and I know I said I wasn’t going to do this anymore but you know.. sometimes I just can’t help myself.. 😀 bulk post FTW 🙂 So in order to make it all complete I have an announcement!

The university topic has been removed from this blog because I felt it didn’t belong here. This is a creative blog and it should be filled with creative HOBBIES and non-uni/work related things. So I removed the post and I will not be making any work/uni related posts in this blog again.

There’s something new tho! My parents have a huge pile of home video footage from when I was about ten y/o and my brother was a newborn. This stuff is 15 years old and we were affraid it might effect the quality and we might lose these memories. So I’m working on digitalizing the footage and making some nice dvd material 😀 If I find something very funny I might post it on my blog and all of you can see my UBER geekiness as a 10 year old (LOL).

yea and another reason for this is: they don’t sell DV tapes anymore…….. only miniDV.. so yea.. thank you technology… 😛

Growing things

I love green. Spring green is a happy green. It’s cheerful and ‘active’ 😛

A short little update on Onerva 2.0 and the introduction of a new little project. When I was thinking about the Onerva project again I wanted it to be something fine. Something I could wrap around my shoulders in the windy Dutch summers and the Rowan Tapestry was too big and too soft for what I wanted. I did however like the idea of changing colors but with the Tapestry yarn this was too ‘present’ in the knit. After some searching I decided on Drops Fabel.
It’s sockyarn so it’s fine and it also has the changing colors. And there’s another big bonus, it comes in green 😀

I just started the seventh repeat of the pattern and I’m halfway through my second ball (out of 3). It’s a bit difficult to start but in the end it’s a no-brainer and a GREAT knit for in the train or while watching tv.

The mini project is the Paisley dress and hat by Mimi Kezer. I’m knitting this for my super super super cuuute little cousin Mandana. She’s 5 months old and is on a three month holiday to Holland with her mommy and grandparents. This is a picture of Mandana and her grandfather (she’s 3 days old on this picture)

This is actually my first -ever- attempt of knitting with multiple colors. It’s still a little messy but I hope the blocking will even it out, but I’m already sure I’ll be knitting this dress again!! It’s a very cute dress and the hat has something magical to it. I love it and I can’t wait to finish this one and start another one 😀

yea and if you’re wondering what happened to the pictures… I updated my Flickr Manager from v2.2 to v2.3 and it stopped working for me :'( so yea.. manual picture entry 😛