Onerva 2.0: attack of the sockyarn

I’ve been incredibly busy the last few days… I kinda screwed up my uni project and instead of progressing I’m now re-doing a lot of the work.. So now the project is changed AND I’m behind, and with 4 more weeks to go that’s not very comforting. This ofcourse causes a lot of stress and when there’s stress there’s a lot of knitting. Last time I mentioned Onerva it was when I posted the space invaders epic fail, and after that I never really mentioned it again.

Onerva was frogged. I was knitting this project with the Rowan Tapestry (colorway: Rainbow) and tho I really liked the pattern, the yarn didn’t really work for me. It made the knit very bulky and uhm.. left it without personality. So I frogged the whole thing and gave the yarn to my mom (who btw knitted a very nice cardi with it :D).

Anyway, the pattern wouldn’t leave me alone. At first I didn’t want to knit it anymore, but then, while working on my computer for a week and ending up with neck and shoulder pains I decided it might not be so bad to have a nice shawl to keep my neck/ shoulders warm during work. And so the story of Onerva 2.0 began.
I had already knitted a few rows of the pattern and I had also already made an easy to use chart for myself, because I’m very good at messing up so I already knew how to start the knit.

onerva wip

In case anyone would like to use the chart: it’s very simple. You start off with the begin:

CO 3 sts
RS: k1, yo, k1, yo, k1
WS: k1, p3, k1
RS: k1, yo, k3, yo,k1
WS: k1, p5, k1

and here you start the first line of the chart. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do this or not but I kept doing the k1,yo … yo, k1. I like the edge it forms so I continued this anyway.
It’s the easiest to start off with Chart B and then continue with Chart A. The only important thing is that when you start the row (from right to left) you move UP in Chart A, and after the middle you move DOWN in Chart A. This way you won’t be able to mess up 🙂

onerva chart

Anyway, I used Drops Fable 151 because i just totally fell in love with the happy colors 🙂

onerva wip

onerva wip

sun setting for sunrise..?

I never thought creating a first knitting design would be simple. No matter how simple the design may seem. As can be seen in the previous post sunrise is basically a tube top with a poofy upper part. This should not be that difficult people.. there’s a lot of room for error because of the 4×4 rib.. it’s stretchy.. the ribbon beneath the boobs should be able to hold everything in place, the poofy part should cover the boobage and the elastic reenforced 4×4 rib above should be able to hold the tube in place. Why does it have to be so hard…?

Allow me to explain.


See, I have a little knitting booklet where I write down all the patterns I use. I do this because otherwise I’ll have to carry a whole lot of paper with me whenever I want to knit on the road. (and I tend to do that). Hence the booklet. It’s very convenient because most of the patterns can be broken down to charts for easy knitting. The only problem is this: you need to make very sure you write it down right.
And I did not.

So I knit and frogged and actually managed to re-knit and re-frog the whole poofy lace part only to find out I’d had a little oopsie with the charting. *bangs head against wall*

So I frogged it again, and checked the lace pattern and rewrote the chart. Now hopefully I can fix the dropped stitches (because of the frogging.. I’m too lazy to do 330 stitches for 5 rows just one by one…….).
argh… no picture today.. I’m too sad 😛


Hello and hello again… what’s this..? two posts in one day? Yes! it is..

I’ve been a little busy the last few days so even tho I really wanted to do some updating I haven’t had the time. There’s some things I want to change about the blog and there’s some things I want to update (like the about section….) but I can’t really find the time between work for the uni and other stuff.. So it’ll have to wait I think.

So far the blog has been very succesfull for me. I still have the illusion there’s actually some one reading my rants (I do have the occasional visitor) but it’s mostly because I never comment on other peoples blogs.. I should do that.. I’m more of a silent browser.. I visit the blogs but I never say hi.. I think I should 🙂
Anyway I was saying.. this blog has been very succesfull for me.. I wanted to get my hobby life organized and it’s getting better and better.. I really like to pick up my journaling again but my little petit journal is too small to handle the huge amounts of newspaper and paint.. so it’s exploding already.. I know I have a nice moleskine one lying around but that too will have to wait for now 🙂

The thing I really wanted to share is my very first knitting design. It’s not a lot yet and it’s very very simple but still! it came out of my head 🙂 so I like it. I already had a little oopsie with it so I had to redo a little part but it’s worth it. I wanted something to do with the 100% orange silk stash my grandmother gave me but I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It’s light fingering weight and it’s very very slippery..I already gave it a name.. I don’t know if it suits it but it’s something to call it right? 🙂

sunrise pattern

The booklet is a moleskine with lines and it’s quite handy. At first I wanted to make it like a shirt without sleeves but I’m not sure if I still want to do that. Because it’s silk and I’m prone to fudge up SOMEthing eventually it’s best to stay clear from knitting math. So the second I dea was to make a slim and stretchy waistline and a poofy top held together with an elastic. Something like lelah but the top poofy part should be a little lacy, below the boobline there’s a ribbon holding everything in place so the poofy part looks even more poofy (is that even a word??). I totally can’t wait untill it’s done.


As you can see I’m already done with the mind numbing ribbing which is now about 8″ long. I recon I can block it so it becomes 1″ longer (I’m short). Anyway I’m doing the holes for the ribbon now and then I can start working on the increases and the pattern.


I’ve been doing some more sketchwork lately and I’d like to show some. These sketches can also be seen on my sketchbook thread on CG. Anyhoo, I’ve been doing some anat0my studies because.. well.. obviously I need to learn how the human body works so I can make nice drawings from imagination 🙂 The following are very quick masterstudies. I wanted to be able to catch the main posture and sillouette in 10 minutes. I made these with a timer. I do realize they look a bit sketchy and rough but they are intended that way. I was just going for the main shapes. I don’t think I’ll ‘finish’ these because this way I can compare them easier because I know I’ve worked on them for 10 minutes and not longer.

I hope to do a lot more of these because I really enjoyed doing these sketches. Besides the quick sketches I also finished the David torso from the previous post.

torso 45torso 42torso 26torso 43alp2 - David