David, torso

Before I started this blog I used to do some drawing on CGSociety. I became lazy and started making excuses like ‘I’m too busy’ and other stuff. But since I’m ‘back’ from being a slacker I’d like to show some of my previous works as well as a wip of a master study of Michelangelo’s David. It’s a part of the second part of the Anatomy Lessons given by Rebecca Kimmel.

ALP2 - Michelangelo's David

It’s not that much but I’m glad I picked it up again 🙂 I promised myself to keep my sketchbook up to date and I’ll try to keep some of it posted on my blog as wel.

Here’s some of my older work:


*sigh* sometimes things look better in your imagination than in real life. And so.. the space invaders knit became the space invaders FAIL. I frogged the whole thing and decided to start thinking about yarn combo’s first before starting head on… I don’t have that much time to knit so the time I spend knitting should be more efficient than knitting a half front piece only to frog it the same day…. -_-‘
The first problem was that I totally suck at changing colors while knitting and I messed up.. the parts that have two colors are knitted tighter than the parts without, which makes the knit all wobbly… argh.. the other problem was a slight miscalculation on my part.. this top alien layer would’ve been the last layer before the neckline started.. I had planned at least 2 more alien rows…

I’m giving this one another try with some nicer yarn and a smaller needle I think, but it’ll have to wait.

space invaders FAIL

Anyway, where space invaders died Onerva stood up. I’m using the Rowan Tapestry yarn I was using on the space invaders knit. It’s a very lacy scarf and it’s very very pretty.
Onerva wip

Onerva wip

Onerva wip

I really love the pattern but I’m not that crazy about the yarn… it’s a little too ‘hippy’ for my taste… maybe it’ll grow on me…?

the space invaders knit without a name… wip

In order not to clog my FO post with other wips and rants I’m double posting today.. yea my blog my rulez! w00t!

Anyways, I’ve seen this super cute pattern on ravelry called Le Lapin Noir by Canary Sanctuary. I really like the pattern because I’ve been looking for a sweater with a square shaped neck instead of a V-neck.
Though I must say I feel like I can’t just follow the pattern and re-create it. I need to put some of me in there…

space invader shirt

space invader pattern

space invader research

Yea.. space invaders is a part of me.. it will always be! it’s myyy preciouuussssss……

Anyhoo.. here’s what I’m going to do.. a while ago I bought me two balls of rowan tapestry (colorway=rainbow) and I’m combining this with the black acrylic my grandma added to my stash..
I’m knitting the pattern of Le Lapin Noir, but I’m chaning the gauge to my yarn and I’m chaning the argyle pattern to my space invaders pattern, which will be done with the Rowan Tapestry yarn… I can’t wait to see how this turns out.. either it’s going to be super pretty.. or a super disaster… 😛

FO: Mosey

Today we’re having a party and it’s not because it’s like 20 degrees (celcius) and all sunny in Holland, but because my preeeetty pretty legwarmers have been upgraded from wip to FO! total w00tness!

(and yea..the part about the sunny weather kinda sucks in this case doesn’t it.. I mean seriously.. who knits legwarmers when its sunny and HOT outside?.. yea me.. well.. the weather here is known to shift from hot sub-tropical to icy cold, rainy in one day… so… yea.. I’m anticipating ^___^)

Anyhoo.. I’m very proud of this project because it’s the first time I actually knitted cables so and it went well. It’s actually a little weird because up until this project I used to dislike cables a lot. I can’t really explain why because the reason is so incredibly stupid I’m actually ashamed of myself, but there’s something I really don’t like about ‘standard’ knitting. I think it’s a little something of my teenage rebellion against everything my mom liked.. including cabled knits… -_-‘
It’s strange but this project not only cured me.. it made me fall in love with the pretty pretty cables.. I want to make more cabled knits! 😀

mosey fo

Mosey detail

Here it is.. spotted it yet? Yea.. I fudged up the pattern.. I knit while I watch tv or read books (for the uni), so my knitting is actually some secondary thing I do.. and obviously sometimes it doesn’t go as well as planned..
So I found a way to make sure I don’t mess up the pattern and the way I do it is when the same pattern repeats I check the knitted pattern instead of the chart, this way I make sure to knit the same pattern instead of accidentally reading the chart the wrong way and messing up my pattern inthe middle of a good book and finding out when I’m done with either the book or the knit…

this method is not foolproof… it actually sucks.. as you can see there’s been a little oopsie with the left legwarmer and I found out when I was done with the cast-off… (smart…). So what went wrong..?!
It’s simple…. the entire pattern is wrong.. except the one I thought I had messed up. The right legwarmer has these O’s going on.. but the O’s should’ve looked like the middle -xXx- on the left legwarmer.. see I thought that was the accident but when I rechecked the pattern I realized the messed up part was actually the moment I had checked the pattern again to see if I was doing it right… and then ‘messed’ up by doing it right while I had been doing it wrong the entire time…… *bangs head against the wall*

by the time I was done realizing my error (because it really took me a while to get there haha) I was way too bummed to start over again.. so I left it. We learn from our mistakes and it doesn’t look that bad so I can live with it.. most people here are tall anyway, so they’re probably not going to notice *crosses fingers*

Anyway, you might remember me saying in the other mosey post about me forgetting to swatch and block.. yea.. i’m still afraid to do it.. I think I’ll make a swatch and see how much it grows after blocking.. if it grows weird I’m not blocking this piece

Mosey wip

These last two weeks have been incredibly busy. I’m working on a project and a few days before the mid-term presentation I realized the scale of the entire drawing was off and my plans ofcourse were all calculated with the wrong dimensions… argh.. Anyway, Murphy’s law dictated that the printers should fail as well and there you have it.. the perfect mid-term presentation… terrible..

Anyway, thank goodness for knitting then I guess, because I’ve been knitting a bit on mosey and all my stress and angst seemed to melt away. And while the stress was melting, the legwarmer was growing. I can’t wait to finish the left one 😀 This was actually the first time I knitted cables so I’m very very happy with the outcome. The only thing I realized after finishing the right leg was that I had forgotten to make a swatch..
I actually just started this project like the *** that I am and all I can do now is hope this stuff doesn’t grow or shrink too much…….. the size is perfect now…. argh 😛 Anyways I’ll keep you posted.

right leg moseyright leg mosey

the back and front side

left leg wip mosey

wip update

Last week I ordered a ballwinder and a swift over the internet. Two days ago the ballwinder arrived.. today the swift dropped by..

…wait for it…

…waaiitt fooor iiiit…..

YAAAAAYYYYYY!!! W000H000000!!! 😀

ok so I’ve been wallwinding for a while so I fiiinally cast on for these preeetty legwamers by designer Susan Power called Mosey! Ok so I’m not very far yet but still! I’m loving it already 🙂 I’m using the sheepwool I bought last week from regenboogschaap.nl and it’s turning out quite niceley (the 1,5″ I’ve done so far..)



yarn balls

mosey wip

ahh.. the evolution of yarn.. 🙂

anyways, last post I was crying about the epic fail called my-try-at-the-print-o-the-wave-scarf. So I started over with a 3,5mm/ US4 and finished 5 repeats. I’m very happy with the way it looks now 😀

print o the wave wip

though after an hour of knitting I noticed something weird on my knitpro needles.. now wtf is that?!

print o the wave wip

good news and bad news..

Aren’t grandmothers great?! Don’t we all love grandmothers?! like.. a LOT?!

So this weekend I spent some time with my grandparents, they live far away from me so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. We had some catching up to do and I told my grandmother I started knitting again and showed here the recent FO’s and wip’s and she told me all about her knitting a lot in the past and the untouched stash of yarn..

I thought it was very sad that she couldn’t knit anymore, but on the other hand I was superhappy with the stash she gave me :D.. As a way of thanking her I promised my grandmother to knit her the Sunburst hat by Wooly Wormhead I’d knitted for myself 🙂

So let me show you the additions, I’ll make some new and better pictures when I have the time 🙂


It’s a whole lot of acrylics and a whole lot of real 100% silk(!) I’m so happy 🙂 I already know what the acrylics are going to become but the silk is stil a mistery. Anyway, the huge brown pile of pretty wool is sheep wool by Regenboogschaap. It’s 1kg of nice wool and it’s going to become a pair of niiiice legwarmers.. (and some other stuff).

so that was the good news.. here’s the bad news..

print o the wave
isn’t it pretty?? yea.. laceweight and a 1.5mm needle will give you that alright.. there’s a catch tho…
print o the wave

yea… 3,5 repeats is just 14cms… THAT’S NOT GOOD.. what am I going to do with a 20cm stole.. *sigh*.. so yea.. I started over…. same yarn.. 3,5mm needle.. *siiiiiiigh*

FO: Lelah Top

w00t! it’s done it’s done it’s done!!
Ok I think I might have to explain the absurd happiness… 😛 See the thing is.. I actually finished it yesterday only to find out that it was too big.. like.. 20-25cm too big.. Ofcourse I had already forgotten the fact that I had switched to continental style mid-project and ofcourse my guage is different.. d’oh moment there.. I frogged the top part and redid the knitting. Anyway the cast-off is a bit tight so it’s holding itself so far without the elastic. I dont’ trust it enough to just leave it like this in public but so far (at home) it’s hoding up great. I might weave in some elastic or crochet some lace on top of it.. I’m not sure yet but so far I’m proud of it 🙂
lelah survived my crazyness and the style change so all is good 🙂

anyways, here’s some crappy webcam pictures 🙂 (yea i know.. the bra…sush)


lelah blocking