a knitting “WTF” moment

I’m definately having one… oh yeah..

I started knitting when I was very little.. I actually can’t really remember when I started at first, but my mom used to knit a lot back then and since there was no internet and kiddy tv was only a few hours a day I started crocheting and knitting with my mom.
Anyway, I learned to knit the “Persian” way.. I actually have no idea if a “Persian” style knitting actually exists but it’s quite simple and very similar to continental style knitting. The ONLY difference is when you knit, you don’t put the right needle in from the front but from behind (that didn’t come out right did it? :P), like with English style knitting.
So I’ve been knitting a while and my “Persian” style knitting is very regular and I’m very happy with that, but ofcourse as a kid I had never really knitted something in the round.
That was ofcourse untill I rediscovered knitting a short while back and felt the urge to start knitting stuff I can actually wear.. and here’s the problem… my “Persian” style knititng sucks @$$ when it comes to knitting in the round… so there you have it.. my knitting WTF moment..
knitting detailknitting detail

*sigh* why is this happening?? When I was knitting Starburst I noticed my stitches being twisted in a weird way, but thought It’d go away with some blocking.. but it never did..(now I actually like it but still!!). Anyway while doing Lelah accidentally noticed the same problem and hit the net for some answers: no one seems to be having this problem because everyone knits continental style.. and who am I to anger the Gods..?
So I switched.. mid-knitting.. yes I know.. it’s in the lace part of the top so kill me.. It actually looks good 😛
lelah detaillelah detail

See the difference..? I don’t get it.. I just don’t get it.. I don’t have a problem with continental knitting at all, I actually find it quite comfortable but I just don’t understand why I can’t get it right with the flat knitting.. I did a swatch.. I was going nuts so I did one for practice and this is how it comes out…The top half is done with my “Persian” style and the bottom half is done Continental style.. It looks like #$%# braids!?! whyyyyy.. does blocking solve this?? argh..


anyways.. only good news is that Lelah’s taking the style change quite well.. it’s ofcourse made out of crappy, allmost free acrylics yarn I had to scavenge from my 2 euro tunic so I don’t have high expectations actually.. I don’t mind if it doesn’t fit or if it itches or even if I have to frog the whole damned thing again.. I’ve learned a LOT on this one.. and that’s for keeps 😀 So here you go Lelah.. this is your moment. enjoy!

lelah wip

KnitPro WIP

For a long time I’ve thought that KnitPicks knitting needles were only available for the lucky bastards people living in the States. I saw them on a lot of blogs and websiteds and wondered wether it would really make a difference or not.
I just have to say YES IT DOES!! 😛 having circular needles with exchangeable cords just simply kicks butt! I don’t have to get stressed over my 19″ circular 4mm needle being too small or my 5mm 31″ circular being way too big. Now I can just have a 24″ circular in whatever size I need and with that another barrier between me and outrageously wonderfull knitting patterns goes down, and I have only one thing to say:

W00t! W00t! W00t!

Anyways, I ordered a set of these pretty ones at an online shop called Storm in the Attic (Storm op Zolder for the Dutchies) and within a week they were delivered to my door (thank you thank you thank you!!). I’m actually so happy with them I decided I’d buy a set for my mom (with my dad as a birthdaypresent :D) since I got her addicted to knitting again.




Anyway, you might remember the frogged tube shirt from a previous post, I thought I’d give you a little update on how it’s going. My butt-ugly frogged ex-tube shirt is turning into lelah. Word goes round that it’s a soul-eating pattern.. I can only hope it doesn’t eat mine like it has with others

Lelah Top in progress


guess what came in with the mail today!? w00tness!! It’s my copy of Fitted Knits! I’m so happy 🙂

Why am I happy? (duh..)

See the thing is, I’m lazy when it comes to thinking and calculating. I know it’s not a hard thing to do but I’m just very very lazy, it’s so lame I know, but I’m the kind of person who’d actually copy a pattern only to find out that it’s fitting so-so. Then ofcourse I’d have to either frog it, give it away or just wear it for the sake of wearing it.. I don’t think I’d like to continue being like this.. it sucks and it’s way too time consuming 😛

So in order to change my bad habbits I need to be able to *correctly*  manipulate patterns… and that’s why this book is very very helpful 🙂 (ofcourse there’s 25 very nice patterns in the book as well and I’ve already seen a few additions to my wardrobe collection in there :D)

Anyways, here’s something else I’m thinking of as of late. A few years back I bought this machine knitted acrylic stuff shirt at some sale and I’ve only worn the thing twice. It has a high collar but no sleeves… actually the thing is very useless and the longer I had to look at it in my closet the more I started to hate the damned thing. So I actually frogged it…
Yea.. it turned out to be a double DK weight yarn and it’s a LOT of yarn I tell you… I only did one side and it was good for two BIG balls of yarn… 😛 I’m actually very happy I did it because it’s cheap and (yea it’s ugly acrylic but its FREE!! and I’m a student..) it’s a LOT 🙂

Anyways, I’ve already found a pattern for this baby 🙂 It’s called the Tantric Puzzle Top and it’s on Ravelry. Yea I know it’s getting warmer and I know it’s spring and all but in Holland spring or summer does not always equal sun and warm weather.. 😛
If I have some yarn left at the end I’m definately going to make the Lelah Top again.. I tried it once with the blue alpaca yarn but it wasn’t much of a succes!
cradle to cradle

Anyways, I’ve been checking my posts a bit since I started hosting on my own domain and I have to say I kinda suck at organizing :S From now on I don’t want to mix everything together.. Yea just don’t want to post two or three times a day but this way I’m screwing up my tags and that can’t be good 🙂

WIP: Print O’ The Wave Stole

So here’s an update on the stole by Eunny Jang. In my last post I was having a problem with my swatch looking more like Swiss cheese than like lace knitting… I was missing the nice contrast between a space and a negative space. I think I’ve been able to solve the problem a little bit. It’s all in the blocking I guess.. I’ve heard it before but I guess you have to really see it before it really sinks in how important blocking can be 🙂

So I gave it another shot, first following the pattern with the 4x repeat only to find out that I might like it a bit bigger. I also did little calculating and realized that I can add about 50% to the total size.. Ofcourse this is just a rough calculation and it all depends on how regular my knitting is so in the end I guess I’ll find out if I’ve done something smart or something stupid 😀

print o the wave WIP

Here you can see why I was panicking a bit. The piece above doesn’t look like lace to me at all… I’m a total beginner when it comes to knitting lace and when I see something like that.. it just makes me think I’m doing something wrong.

prot o the wave WIP

But when I take a picture of the wip and the swatch together I’m okay with the results I guess. The swatch was knitted very looseley mainly because I was too scared to put a lot of strain on the 1.5mm needles… But now the wip is knitted rather tightly so I think the K’s and the YO’s will look a lot nicer now once it’s done blocking.

Smaller needles

You know, I’m just curious about one thing.. how do all of you lace knitting people do it?? I’m learning everything from the internet and I’m happy with the huge amount of information available , but there’s just one thing I can’t seem to grasp:

In some lace patterns for shawls and scarfs it’s recommended to use a 3,5mm needle for 2-ply yarn, but when I follow this advice my swatches look just awful and nothing like the pretty lace knits I see on the pictures that come with the patterns…
An example of this is my swatch for the Print O’ the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang, I’ve knitted this swatch with a 1,5mm needle for a 2-ply yarn I bought from HipKnits, and as you can see on the image the difference between the K and the YO isn’t that big.. or at least the K isn’t forming a fabric.. I miss the contrast..

Ofcourse maybe it’s supposed to be that way, but I just don’t really understand how to do it.. should I knit htis with a 1mm?? is that even possible? :S

print o the wave swatch

print o the wave by Eunny Jang


IHello world!!!

It’s taken some time but today my blog’s making it’s debut on my new and very own webspace! W00t! I’m planning on making a website for my more serious works and keep a blog for my hobbies and funstuff! Anyways, at the moment I’m using a template but I’m planning on creating my own layout when I get some time.

Anyways, my ravelry invite finally came in so I’ve been browsing and admiring all the nice patterns there 😀 I got inspired and bought some supernice patterns. I had some nice pictures of the WIP’s but I accidentally erased them 🙁

Here’s the first one by Ilga Leja the designs name is Balsam.

This one’s made with 150 grams of some acrylic yarn I had bought in Iran. I don’t exactly know what kind of yarn it is, I just know it’s not natural fibers.

I also finished a rasta berret from the pattern I bought from Woolly Wormhead called Starburst. I made this berret with 3 or 4 skeins of Drops Eskimo. It’s supersoft and I just love it 🙂

Right now I’m working on the Print O’ the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang.
I bought this superlovely lace yarn from Hipknits. It’s 100g  handpainted 70% Baby Alpaca 20%Silk 10%Cashmere. I tried a few sizes, but I didn’t have the 1,75mm recommended in the pattern, so I did some swatches. First one with a 2mm circular needle, then one with the 1,5mm needle.

The 2mm swatch became very big and wasn’t exactly what I hoped it would be, so I frogged it and started again with the 1,5mm. It’s a nice debut for my new lace needles anyway: