argh.. argh.. argh.. and then some more…

Howy there..

so.. eh.. I’ve moved over to wordpress because I saw some super hot blogs that were made in wordpress and I got all excited about it and.. well.. the spoiled little brat inside me came to life and grabbed me by the throat… so there…

anyway.. it’s really great and fantastic.. only thing is I just realized that gives you wonderfull features and everything, but I think it’s impossible to edit your own blog… only to some extent I believe.. Yea so I’m pretty srewed now.. cuz I’m addicted.. I don’t want to go back to blogger anymore but I WANT MY OWN LAYOUT DAMMIT!! This is unfair…
Look.. I’ll be honest.. the only thing I’m hoping for right now is someone passing by my unworthy blog and telling me that I’m an idiot for thinking I can’t change my layout and giving me a kick in the right direction.. (that is.. towards some information that sais it’s actually possible to (ENTIRELY) edit my theme on


So.. while I’m waiting for the *SIGN* or anything that might resemble one, I’m knitting on happily. I found this supernice pattern for Morning Surf Scarf on Heartstrings Fiberarts and decided (try to) turn my two uhm balls of cotton-viscose (drops) into that pretty scarf with my new bamboo circular pens.

I haven’t blocked it yet.. and I’m actually not sure if blocking cotton-viscose really works well or not, but I’m going to try it anyway 🙂

the alpaca top project

Sooo.. I thought I’d let you guys know about the progress I’ve made on the alpaca top. So far I’ve finished the front and actually did an attempt to block the work. I’ve never actually realized the impact blocking has on knitwork! I’m not that experienced and so it’s not strange to see that my knitting is somewhat irregular, and even washing and hang-drying my knitting has never really solved that problem. Actually that’s one of the reasons I got a bit discouraged when knitting when I was younger. I’ve always thought that knitwork can only look good and even when you’re very experienced, and therefore, all the work you’re doing in the past will look uhm.. well.. crappy…

so actually this was a real eye-opener for me! No longer will my knitting look crappy!! I too will produce nice knitting and be proud to be able to wear them 😀 w00t!

soo.. anyways, let me show you some pictures of my AMATEUR blocking and my (if I may say so myself) nice knitting XD

Ok besides the blocking and stuff I have to say I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with the alpaca yarn!! You know.. being a total amateur has it’s pro’s and cons. It’s soooo good to be amazed at all the things you didn’t know before, but the bad thing is that every time you learn something nice you can’t help but realize how much you sucked before 😛 And how much the things you first loved actually suck.. 😛
Anyways, here’s to improvement!! XD

Yes.. the left shoulder strap is shorter than the right one… blame inexperience.. or the lacking ability to count… (or maybe impatience…)
Anyways… I took the pins out before it completely dried so there’s no scallop like shape (thankfully)

And here’s a little picture of the happy owner of the knitted hat from a few weeks ago. It’s my boyfriends blogdebut w00t!

anyways take care 😀

Kirby skinny jeans


After the pacman fiasco I could use some good news! And thankfully this time it went well 😀 The pacman skinny jeans weren’t quite ‘skinny’ after all and I wasn’t too pleased with the pattern I saw. I decided to make a few changes in the pattern and hoped for the best because I only had enough fabric for one more attempt.
Instead of cutting the fabric 1 cm bigger than the pattern I cut it exactly the same size. This way I hoped to make the skinny jeans really skinny 😛 The second adjustment I made was leave out the triangles above the backside. The extra shapes made the jeans too high in my opinion and I removed the frond pockets because I generally don’t like the way the fabric wobbles when you put something in the pockets.. and why make pockets if you’re not going to put anything in it right?
So anyway I decided to make my new skinny jeans unique by making a kirby + star design on it. Here’s some pictures of how it turned out:

pacman sewing

You know the feeling you get when one of your hobbies (yea the one you’ve been neglecting for too long) starts calling you and starts saying things like: “you never take me out…. you never hang out with me… ” 😛

anyways that’s what happened to me and my sewing machine yesterday. 😛 I suddenly remembered I still have this piece of denim lying around and decided to do something about it. I’ve got a subscription on this dutch sewing magazine, but the patterns are.. how to say this delicately.. ajusted for a generation older than me.
Let me explain this.. I saw this pattern of slim fit jeans which were (very very very) high at the waist, so I decided to leave the top waistline out and thought this would be ok. So I started sewing and once everything was finished and I could ‘test’ wear it I noticed the waistline was still very high.(above navel = high imo).

So the ‘hip and trendy’ slimfit jeans have been ajusted and actually look very 90’s when you follow the exact pattern…

Minor Update

Soo here’s a little on how the shirt is progressing. I’m generally not a very fast knitter *yet*. Though I’m trying my best I’m still agonizingly slow. Sure I know that speed comes with experience but puuh-leeeaaazzzee 😛

Anyways, it’s ok I guess, I’m having fun working on the knitting and I’m seeing some improvements already 😀 So I shouldn’t really be so grumpy about it.

The alpaca yarn is quite fine and the knitting is being done with a 3,5mm circular needle. So I think I can use this as my defence for being so slow 😀
Anyway my mother-in-law gave me this supercool box for my knitting the other day! 😀 I’m going to decorate it first with nice drawings and painting stuff before I’m actually going to use it 😀

it’s soo cuute 😀 I can’t wait to start working on it! Anyways, the new semester has started again and I’m affraid I’ll have a lot less time for crafting and stuff, but I’ll try to keep updating as much as possible 😀


w00h00!! Another busy week and two niiice purple handwarmers! 😀 I found a very nice pattern handwarmers!
I’ve actually been looking for nice handwarmers for a while but I never seem to be able to find handwarmers I actually like in the stores.. I used to have a white one and a grey one but there’s always something I don’t like about them, so I end up not using them and going back to having cold hands/ fingers.

So I’ve been searching the net for some easy to knit handwarmer patterns since I’m still a rookie and don’t have the confidence (or the patience) for something a bit more advanced than pure basic… 😛 Besides it’s cold outside and I really needed something to keep my hands from freezing.

And this is how they turned out! I’m so happy with them xD
they were actually very easy to knit but very warm and comfy! 😀 O yeah, did I mention they’re very easy to knit?

Anyway, since I can knit with warm hands now it thought it was time for a new (and bigger) project. A while ago I posted a picture of the drops yarn I had bought. I have three skeins of blue alpaca yarn which will (hopefully) look like this in a week:

The pattern is from (Dutch: DROPS nummer 88-18).
It’s not a very nice picture because of the light but I guess it’s ok. I’m working on the front now and I can’t wait until it’s finished, tho I have to say that working on it is a lot of fun because the alpace wool feels so soft and warm. The color actually matches my new handwarmers.. lol

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on the progress 😀