FO: Paisley dress & hat

Two updates today! Yesterday I finished the cute little paisley dress & hat I was working on and I couldn’t be happier! The dress is so incredibly cute! I think I’ll make another one just like it but with different colors πŸ™‚

So let me tell you a bit about what I learned this time haha. The more I think about it the more this blog is becoming a way to register my progress so I might as well say something about the (lots) of mistakes I make during my knitting… (since nobody reads my blog this is perfectly safe! LOL)

Besides the (failed) attempt at the space invaders knit, better represented here, I gave up on bi-colored knitting. It’s was either too slow or too messy. I like having my yarn in my left hand and not having it hang from my work and have to throw with my right hand. I get annoyed at the slow rate and the constant ‘stopping’ to change hands.

With this project I ‘invented’ something onlly to find out it already exists… lol.. I wound a piece of metal wire around my finger and hung a circle on it. The circle guided my second color and this way I was able to knit with both yarns in my left hand without it becoming a tangled mess… but ofcourse now I’m definately going to buy one of those!!

It’s still obvious to see that the changes in yarn aren’t that great, but I think that’s because of the lack of experience and the home-made crappy yarn guiding thingy I made. Also the yarns didn’t match in thickness.. I knew this already but I thought it wouldn’t matter that much……. lol

This project was a LOT of fun, and I actually think I’ll knit another one just to see how it turns out the second time πŸ˜€

yeaaa I know.. it’s a lot of pictures of the same dress.. sshhhh this was my excuse to post some pictures of baby-cuteness on the interwebs! smiling babies are just the cutest thing πŸ˜€

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